Strategies for Maintaining Momentum in 2010

As we move in to 2010, there are several strategies you can employ to ensure that you are maintaining strong communications with your constituents and to continue e-mail list building activities for the growth of your supporter base.

  1. Capture e-mail addresses from offline constituents – are you using every opportunity to capture e-mail address from your constituents? For example, when someone calls in, stops by a district office, or returns a piece of direct mail, are you requesting their e-mail address? Additionally, at events or townhalls, considering passing around e-newsletter signup sheets to gain additional e-mail addresses. Remember, having a strong list of opt-ins will be invaluable going into blackout season.
  2. Take advantage of multiple channels – are you communicating with your constituents using as many channels as possible? With new technology, such as Virtual Town Hall, communicating with constituents has never been easier. Virtual Town Halls allow constituents to login from anywhere – at work or at home. Plus, the video component allows for a more personal touch.
  3. Engage your constituents with surveys to get to know them better – Constituent Gateway e-newsletter allows you to send out short surveys to engage your audience with questions pertaining to current relevant topics. You can use their response to create criteria-based lists and better target your mailings to constituents who have expressed interest in the subject!
  4. Optimize your website homepage – has your homepage become cluttered throughout the year? Have you added buttons that are no longer relevant? Are the pictures in your album outdated? The best website homepage for your constituents is one that makes it quick and easy to find the information that is most relevant to them. But it is also important to continue to update content so that it looks fresh and new.  New features such as tabbed content, Flash rotators, and media galleries allow you to display more content without being cluttered.
  5. Improve opportunities for users to opt-in online – the more opportunities constituents have to opt-in, the higher the likelihood that they will do so. Similar to strategy 1 (above), providing opportunities on your website for opt-ins will be invaluable during blackout season. Using Constituent Gateway, all of your surveys can be configured to opt-in respondents. Consider putting an issue-based survey on your issues pages. Or, feature a weekly homepage survey that you can rotate in and out. We can also create a “splash page” that users will see the first time they come to your homepage.
  6. Tap into social media and viral marketing – all of our e-newsletter accounts come equipped with “Share On…” content pieces that will allow your constituents to quickly and easily share your e-newsletter on their Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace profiles! The number of views that result from the sharing can be viewed in your Executive Summary. We have seen some staggering statistics coming from this feature.
  7. Stay up on the latest industry trends – iConstituent is committed to bringing our customers monthly best practices meetings on a variety of topics. Our meetings are easier to attend than ever now that they are held using our Virtual Town Hall product. Previous meetings can be viewed online (just e-mail for a link).

If there is anything else we can do to support you, please feel free to drop us a note – either using our online contact form or at We look forward to working with you into 2010!