New Redesign Launched for Rep Chris Lee

Representative Chris Lee has launched a redesign of his existing site with iConsttiuent. Congratulations, Representative Lee, on your new site!

Visit Rep. Chris Lee's web site at

The Release of Constituent Gateway Version 3.1!

We are pleased to announce the release of the Constituent Gateway Version 3.1! Constituent Gateway Version 3.1 includes the following features:

News Release and Content Pushes Based on Attribute

This exciting new feature gives website clients the ability to create content pushes based on custom categories and attributes. This means that you can now display "related content" in various sections around your site!Push healthcare-related press releases to your healthcare issues page or push district-related blog articles to your district page. Since you control the custom attributes, there are many different ways to share your content around the site.

Ability to Move Pushes Between Columns

Currently, to move a push from one column to the other it must be deleted and re-created in the new column. This feature will allow you to easily move a push between columns! Pushes will appear at the bottom of the new column and can be adjusted as needed after the move.

Allow Users to Hide Headers for Pushes

One of the primary uses for content pushes to the homepage is for buttons. One of the common requests that we receive is to hide the header that is shown when you create a new push for a button. With this feature, you will be able to choose whether or not to show a header when creating the push.

Ability to Remove a Site-Wide Push

When a content push is created that is pushed to "all sections", new sections that are created will automatically have that push on it, regardless of if you have removed it from all other existing pages. The only way to remove the push in its entirety is to contact iConstituent's support team. This feature will allow you to properly remove persistent pushes on your own, without assistance from our support group.

Blog Sections Now Allow for Pagination

Currently when a blog is created the articles are added to the same page, making for a very long page of blog entries! This feature will allow the blog to paginate, meaning that a limited number of entries will be shown before a user is asked to click to the next page. You can choose the number of articles that will be shown per page. This feature is enabled by our support team, so please contact if you would like more information.

Editable Virtual Town Hall Landing Page Text

If a user arrives to your Virtual Town Hall before its scheduled start time, they are shown a message that the meeting has not yet started. This message has not historically been editable. This feature will allow users to customize the message that is shown to their meeting attendees if they arrive early. The revised text needs to be entered by our support team, so please contact if you would like more information.

We have also fixed several issues that have been reported over the last few months. To view a complete list of maintenance repairs, please click here. We are looking forward to more releases in 2010…stay tuned!