Brand New Look for Rep. Wolf's Website!

iConstituent is pleased to announce another stellar website redesign for Congressman Frank Wolf!  This clean, organized portal-style site facilitates quick access to content and builds upon Rep. Wolf's previous award-winning sites! Congratulations, Representative Wolf, on your new website!

Visit the new website at:

Another Cool Website Feature!

An interactive map is a great way to provide your constituents with interesting factoids and stats about their district or state. The tool tip is customizable and flexible so you can get creative with information such as office locations, historical landmarks and events with a link to learn more. Another cool way to connect with your constituency.  

See Congresswoman Lee's District Map

Rep. Neugebauer's New Empowerment Project Website is Live!

iConstituent is pleased to announce Representative Randy Neugebauer's Empowerment Project's new website!  This is one of our Ready To Launch Designs!

Visit the new website at: