Announcing Constituent Gateway CRM 8.2.2 Release!

iConstituent is proud to announce our latest release of the newly-named Constituent Gateway CRM (formerly known as Capitol Correspond 8), version 8.2.2.  This release is a continuation of our ongoing efforts in building the industry’s leading Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) solution.  With our consolidation into iConstituent, our CRM team has gained a remarkable amount of knowledge, access to exciting new resources, and a tremendous burst of new ideas gathered from iConstituent’s long history developing successful constituent communication solutions.  All of these have already, and will continue, to translate into exciting features, a stronger product, and ultimately a better value for all of you.

With this release of the Constituent Gateway CRM, we have focused on the below areas:

Designing A New Casework

We’ve made a completely new interface, based entirely on extensive Caseworker/District Staffer feedback.  This includes many highly sought-after features like thinkahead textboxes for quick data entry, a large Office 2007-like ribbon toolbar, easy multi-criteria filtering tools, and an all around simpler user experience.

Improved Data Entry

New data entry tools should help to cut down on the time spent creating new Constituent Contact Records.  You can now turn on or off “Autocorrections” for the name and addresses, which is beneficial for Legislators from regions with multiple word Last Names (e.g., Native Americans).   Additionally, every Physical Addresses’ “deliverability”, based on a USPS definition, is displayed when adding an address to a Constituent Record so you know if your printed letter will reach your constituent.

Faster Letter Merging

We now use “Office Open XML”, a Microsoft Standard approved by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which makes all of your documents compliant with industry-leading “Open” standards.  This also allows us to prepare your outgoing constituent letters twice as fast as before.

Better Mass Assignment Tools

Our “bulk operations”, like reassigning a few hundred correspondence activities to a different staffer or assigning an Interest Code, are 10 times faster than before (we can do about 1,000 records per/minute).  This makes you and your staff more efficient.

Streamlined User Interface

We have started rolling out a user interface overhaul, which includes better performance in the browser and some product-wide improvements (such as every Search Lookup having resizable and reorderable columns, which is important when searching for records that might be longer than the default column widths).

Inbound Filtering

More automatic filtering options are available to manage inbound correspondence (e.g., webform email), including filtering by State, District, or Zipcode lists.  This gives every office better control on where they want to accept correspondence from. 

For any follow-up questions or a demo, feel free to contact iConstituent sales at or via phone at (202) 355-9355.

Brand New Look for Rep. Lee!

iConstituent is pleased to announce Congresswoman Barbara Lee's redesigned online office!  Check out these notable features:

Congratulations, Representative Lee, on your new website!  Visit the site at: