Managing Inbound Communication: Not all CRM are Created Equally

Emails. Phone Calls. Snail Mail. Faxes. You want to reply in a timely way to your constituents, but with such a high volume of information coming at you, it’s easy to get buried under these messages.

We’ve carefully studied the kinds of communications you receive. Then we’ve created technologies that respond to just about every aspect of your inbound communications for the most efficiency. Our CRM tool helps you easily manage all of this communication — without wasting time.

 We know that every congressional offices require a CRM. But contrary to what you might think, not all CRM products are created equally. It’s really the quality of the tools that sets ours apart. Here’s a bit about ours:


At any given time, about fifty percent of inbound communications are campaign emails automatically generated by third-party advocacy groups. When an issue reaches a peak, such as the healthcare bill coming up for a vote, this statistic climbs to a whopping ninety percent.

Our highly-refined Inbound Management Tool analyzes your incoming messages, filters out duplicates, groups them according to their similarities, and delivers them to the appropriate staff member.

Once the messages are grouped, then you can act: Create a response using lettertemplates. Merge your name and address for a personalized message. Pull the content and edit it for customized content whenever you need it. Use our intelligence tool for real time querying and reporting so you can harness the data you’ve received. Now you know what your constituents are interested in during any given point and time. More information, more power.

By virtually automating your inbox with automated responses and workflow, you’ll make sure the message gets to the right person — fast.


For the House members using Digital Mail, we import digital mail as attachments that get routed to the correct person. By using keywords and phrases, you won’t waste any more time trying to match the person with the message. If you’re not a part of the Digital Mail program, scan your own snail mail and we’ll OCR the text for you.


Stay organized and efficient: We’ve developed a way to connect emails generated from faxes into your mailbox, and link to the appropriate records automatically.


Our products make sure that phone calls reach the right person from the front desk. Avoid confusion and respond quickly to your constituents.

We’re all about collecting information, and we don’t believe in letting any escape. We've streamlined the process by making a record of each constituent: For every communication that comes in, we’ll try to match it with existing records. And every time that person communicates in any way, you’ll build up a database that you can use for micro-targeting down the road.

We want to know: What are your biggest inbound communications challenges?

Unlock The cVault: Find The Treasures Inside

By definition, a vault is a place for safekeeping valuables. That’s why we’ve named our Voter File Selection Tool the Constituent Vault, or cVault: When you take the time to look inside, it’s a trove of highly valuable information.

We know that some people think cVault is simply a voter file. But to call cVault a voter file doesn’t tell the whole story. Inside the cVault is a sophisticated data mining tool that analyzes the information in your voter file so you can extract vital demographic information about your constituency — and then deliver a very specific message.

We’ve spent years developing the technology. We want you to use it, which is why we’ve designed a simple interface so you don’t need to be a technical wizard or IT professional.

You might not know about cVault’s capabilities. We encourage you to open the cVault so you can take advantage of what’s inside. Here’s a primer about how to use it.

Access highly detailed voter file information.

Everything you need to know about your constituents — name, address, phone numbers, email addresses, gender, marital status, voting history, zip code, census block, precinct, and more — is inside the vault. cVault also:
  • Provides telephone numbers and email addresses 
  • Creates downloadable lists for your telephone town hall or direct mail vendors
  • Gives annual NCOA and Social Security Status updates
Combine and layer this information for Micro-Targeting.
Information is power. Want to know all of the women in zip code 12345 who voted in two of the last three general elections? How many male voters in your neighborhood voted in 2008? With cVault you can:
  • Use the tool to query your voter file to build customized targeted lists with multiple criteria.
  • Rely on our automatic updates for up-to-the-minute data
Take Action.
Once you have entered cVault, you choose how to take action.
  • Initiate contact with the overlayed data.
  • Get your message to the right people by creating targeted lists for email, paper mail, and telephone town halls.

We want to know:  How do you use cVault to reach your constituents? If you don’t use cVault yet, what’s holding you back?

Social Networking: Maximize your e-Newsletter Exposure with our Sharing Feature

You've crafted the perfect e-newsletter. Why not make sure that as many people as possible read it? That’s the idea behind our Newsletter Social Sharing feature. Grounded in our philosophy of total integration, our software lets your constituents easily share e-newsletters on networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, and more. More eyeballs, more exposure.

We go one step further. After you share the newsletter, you can then track who shares it with other people. Now you have valuable information about your content: who is sharing it — and what kind of results the person who shared is generating.

For example, Congressman X writes an e-newsletter and sends it out. Then Constituent A shares it, generating 100 views, while Constituent B reposts it, generating 2 views. By gathering this data, now you know that Constituent A is an influencer — and Constituent B isn’t. Armed with this information, you can target content specifically for these influencers to get your message heard.

So maybe your mom was right all of these years — learn to share and all good things will come.

Our New Blog: A hub for information, communication, and conversation.

We know that meeting the everyday demands of a busy congressional office requires an intense focus on what’s directly in front of you.

That’s why we’re rolling out our new blog. When you don’t have extra time to spare during the daily whirlwind of activity, we’ll be right in front of you — a hub for information, communication, and conversation that helps you stay informed and in touch.

On these pages, you’ll learn about product features you might not be aware of, read relevant industry and company news, and find answers to questions on a range of issues, from sharing your e-newsletter on Twitter to the most effective ways to use reports.

We aren’t the only ones who can provide guidance: We look to our community of users to share thoughts and experiences on the topics unique to your needs —how to nurture influencers, control and manage a message, and streamline an overwhelming communications process, for example. We hope that you drive the conversation about what’s important in your day-to-day work life.

So welcome to our new blog. Start your day with us. Check in periodically. Search our archives when you have a question. Our goal is creating a useful, vibrant, and active hub of information and support to make your job just a little bit easier.

—The iConstituent Team

iConstituent Gives Its Blog a Makeover

iConstituent, the leading provider of e-communication services on Capitol Hill.  is rolling out a new blog in the New Year. The goal? To create another avenue of support that helps clients streamline their business processes.

Launched on January 18th, the new blog is a central hub for information, communication, and conversation for the Congressional community.

"We’re excited about strengthening our client partnerships by fostering a community of knowledge with our users," says CEO Zain Khan.

As the go-to spot for government staffers and officials, Khan says the new blog will be an invaluable repository of information, a direct response to the kind of information that iConstituent users want to know, including:

  • Industry News
  • How to Use Surveys and Reports
  • Writing tips for Websites and Blogs
  • Why Social Networking is Important and how to use it
  • e-newsletters
  • Staff interviews

For more information, contact

iConstituent 2010 Website Launch Wrap!

iConstituent is pleased to announce final site launches in 2010! Check out some exciting features such as Rep. Foxx's home page "Daily Whipping Post" or Rep. Olson's home page news tab with a video focus.  

Congrats to all our clients on their new websites and Happy 2011!

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