iConstituent Announces the Launch of the Constituent Gateway 4.0 Digital Communications Platform

iConstituent, LLC, a leader in government digital communications, announced today a major release of their leading digital communications solution, the Constituent Gateway 4.0. The Constituent Gateway 4.0 enables elected officials and other governmental organizations to build relationships with their constituents through eNewsletters, social media, and website content management.

According to Derek Haller, Product Manager for iConstituent , "The Constituent Gateway 4.0 is a complete re-imagining of what a digital communications solution for government can be. It was created to prove that software for government can be easy to use, beautifully designed, and powerful. Its visually compelling interface was built in concert with a leading Silicon Valley design and user experience firm and uses standards compliant, open source web technologies while featuring an intuitive, easy to learn user interface which was engineered based on interactive research with the users that perform digital communications in government each day."

The Constituent Gateway 4.0 is designed to streamline the digital communications process. The system enables the user to create an eNewsletter by intuitive drag and drop content actions. Graphs, charts, and sophisticated visualizations of complex data help the user synthesize the information into actionable intelligence rather.

“We wanted to prove that productivity software for government could be elegant and easy to use while still remaining powerful.” continued Haller.

iConstituent has been providing digital communications solutions to government since 2002 and was the first vendor to introduce email marketing to the U.S. Congress.

“We're proud that iConstituent and the Constituent Gateway have become synonymous with innovation in government communications.” added Ben Shichman, COO of iConstituent. “The Constituent Gateway 4.0 will help our customers improve their productivity and strengthen their relationships with their constituents in ways not possible just a few years ago.”

About iConstituent
iConstituent® is the leading provider of government digital communications solutions and is an approved Congressional vendor with headquarters in Washington, D.C. iConstituent develops digital communication and constituent relationship management solutions that help Federal, State and Local agencies and offices communicate more effectively with their citizens and constituents. In addition iConstituent provides a full spectrum of professional services to help agencies take advantage of digital communications best practices and policies to communicate more effectively and efficiently with their constituents in the Federal, State and Local markets. . iConstituent’s products and services are used by the U.S. Congress, Federal and State agencies, statewide office holders, state legislative caucuses and non-governmental organizations.

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