New Ticketing System

Posted by Greg Fickel, Director of Customer Support Operations

Have you contacted our support team recently? If so, you might have noticed our responses are a little different – a friendly layout with links to important news, a complete history of your communication in an easy-to-read format, and a picture of your support staff specialist so you know who you’re working with. We’re always looking for ways to enhance our customer service, so we recently acquired a new ticketing system that will help us better serve you. Our new ticketing system creates a seamless flow of communication where we can address your concerns quickly and organize them easily. That means more informed responses and less wait time for you! Even more features are on the horizon, so keep an eye out for new developments from our support team.  

More Than Meets the Eye: Devon Brown

Posted by Keith Matthews, Digital Media Intern

Welcome Devon Brown, the newest member of the iConstituent family and our Helpdesk team! Devon’s humble beginnings took place in Peru, Indiana where he was born. His mother served proudly in the Air Force, which meant frequent moves throughout his youth. Devon spent time in a number of places, including Germany, before finally moving to O’Fallon, Illinois. Devon’s fondest childhood memories consist of family get-togethers during Thanksgiving where relatives from across the United States would travel to see each other and rekindle past memories.

Devon’s college days were spent at Northwest Missouri State University where he developed an intense passion to live abroad and serve his country, after studying in Mexico and interning in Peru. During his sophomore year at Northwest, he applied to the Peace Corps. Upon graduation, he joined the Peace Corps and spent two years in what he calls the most significant accomplishment of his life.

During his tenure abroad, he taught at a Teacher Training College  and participated in many festivals, one being the annual fire festival of the Dagomba tribe. In addition, he has traveled to Laos where he developed a deep respect for the culture and lifestyle. His travels since childhood and the previous two countries have molded two of his favorite hobbies: Yoga and Double Fire Staffs (the art of fire dancing/performance), both of which he still practices to this day.

After two years abroad, Devon returned home and sought after an organization that carried same ideals for government cooperation. He soon realized iConstituent was the perfect fit. “iConstituent wasn’t so big that you can get lost in the shuffle, and it is still small enough to have a community feel where you can be heard.” After he joined the team and gained a position at the Helpdesk, Devon says the job had its share of challenges just as any other, “Definitely knowing every aspect of  each product at a second’s notice can be a challenge, but it’s something I look forward to each day because it certainly keeps you sharp.”

Devon feels he can best be described by the phrase Experiencing the World As Is. In the future, a smock from Ghana and the novel Black Stallion that he took to over ten countries will provide relatives with a deeper understanding of his life.