Did you know that you could customize your layout?

Posted by Becky Baylor, Software Training Specialist

I worked with a few caseworkers recently who wanted to know how they could change the sort order of their casework so that it was sorting by the contact’s last name. This was an easy change to make using the “Edit Layout” option. But you can actually do a lot more than just change the sort order. You can add and remove columns, you can rearrange columns, and you can also group by columns.


1.       First think about the changes you’d like to make. In the example above, I want to sort in alphabetical order by last name, remove several columns, and switch around the Casework Comments and Assigned To columns.

2.       Then click the More button on the casework toolbar.

3.       A Viewer Options window will appear. On the right, you’ll see all of the available columns. On the left, you’ll see all of the current viewer columns. Click the red X to remove any columns. Drag and drop columns to add and move columns.

4.       Change your sort order and even group by columns using the two options at the top.

5.       Then click Save Layout.


You will be returned to your list of casework and see all of your changes. You can see I removed the columns I didn’t want, and I switched Casework Comments and Assigned To around. I also added in the Follow-up Date column and grouped my casework by type.


If you work with correspondence, you can edit your layout in the Mail module the same way. 

Beating the Blackout

Posted by Brija Johnson, Digital Media Specialist

            As we all know, one crucial measure of e-newsletter success is the number of subscribers. The more people subscribed to a newsletter the greater the reach for information – especially during blackout. During blackout, members are restricted to emailing only those who’ve opted in to receive correspondence.


The iConstituent Gateway e-Newsletter’s survey building tool can help increase opt-ins and build targeted lists. Join us on April 16th at 2:00 pm for our webinar entitled, Beating the Blackout: Using Surveys to Bolster e-Newsletter Subscribers. You will learn how to effectively use our survey building tool and ultimately boost your e-newsletter’s subscriber list. Don’t delay, reserve your webinar seat today!

Specials for Telephone Town Halls

Posted by Christopher Brooks; Manager, Web Production & Marketing

Healthcare is a popular topic in the news, and it is important for your constituents to know your position. One of the most effective ways to do this is with an iConstituent Telephone Town Hall.

This quarter we're running a promotion on TTH's that will save your office big bucks — just purchase two telephone town halls at our a la carte rate, and get the third one for 20% off.

With a telephone town hall you can:

  • Reach your highest voting demographic by targeting seniors.
  • Share your position on ACA.
  • Receive and answer your constituents questions.
  • Touch thousands from the comfort of your office for the fraction of the cost of an in-person town hall.

For more information, please reach out to your sales rep or contact us here.

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