New Congressional CMS Pricing Model Changes the Game

We’re going to let you in on a secret: you could start paying less for CMS services. How, you ask? We’ve recently changed our CMS pricing structure. A typical congressional office can save thousands of dollars per year utilizing a variable-rate plan designed to enable Members to pay only for the user accounts they need to support their constituents.

“iConstituent has developed two new pricing plans that will help members of Congress save money on their CMS plans without compromising service or quality,” says Zain Khan, CEO of iConstituent. “It is important to note that our proposal is not unprecedented; all major CRM vendors, including SalesForce and others, use the same (or similar) pricing model: they license their software on a per user pricing plan,” he adds.

Benefits of the variable-rate pricing include:

  • Pricing will not exceed the current, published rate for Signal CRM.
  • Congressional offices will have increased control over their expenses, with the ability to add or subtract users as needed.
  • The proposed modification is simple to understand and implement.
  • All costs include training and support.
  • There are no hidden or additional fees for users.

What does this mean for you? To start, it means that your office will only pay for the services it needs. Secondly, by pairing hardware and CRM services, your office could save a ton of money that could then be used on other needs in the office. Finally, by utilizing iConstituent’s flagship product, Signal CMS, your office will save time by using our new and improved CMS interface.

For more information and to take advantage of this new pricing format, contact us today at