iConstituent: The Clear Choice for Telephone Town Halls

iConstituent has been the leading Telephone Town Hall provider to elected officials for years, having produced more than 3000 events for the United States Congress.

We are often asked what makes Telephone Town Halls so important and valuable?

The answers are numerous and clear:

  • Telephone Town Halls build on the time-tested Town Hall that still has resonance and effectiveness as an engagement exercise in good government.
  • It allows elected officials to speak to constituents across a large geographic area at the same time.
  • Unlike traditional Town Halls, Telephone Town Halls deliver a controlled environment that allows the host to control what topics are to be discussed and the flow of conversation.
  • Constituents get to hear personally from and have the opportunity to engage their elected officials.
  • There is an authenticity to these events as they are unscripted and the question and answer format stands out as a more genuine form of communication!
  • Participants on the call get a chance to hear fellow citizens ask relevant questions that the Elected Official is unafraid to answer, which builds a sense of confidence in the representative process. 
  • The value proposition of contact and engagement can be quantified. The host will know precisely who was reached and who was not.
  • The response data is powerful information to calculate relevant engagement of all participants.
  • All calls are recorded and can be edited and posted on web sites and distributed in e-newsletters.
  • Constituent questions that were not answered on the call are recorded and can be answered in detail on the web site or through e-newsletter system mailings, increasing the reach of the Telephone Town Hall.
  • Subject specific Telephone Town Halls, can allow the elected official to speak in depth about a specific topic and address many constituents questions, which can result in fewer calls with questions after the call.

All in all Telephone Town Halls are the most effective platform to reach you constituents with a personal touch.