Meet Rachel Brand

Posted by Christopher Brooks; Manager, Web Production & Marketing

We're proud to announce the newest member of the iConstituent family: Rachel Brand. Rachel is joining us as an Account Executive and will work under Greg Fickel, Chief Operating Officer. I sat down with Rachel to ask her a few questions about her interests and what it’s like to work at iConstituent:

Where did you grow up? Springfield, Virginia

What was it like to grow up there? Fairfax County is a great place to grow up in. Since it is only half an hour away from the Nation’s Capital, I was able to go to all of the great museums this city has to offer. It has been cool to see through the years how this city has evolved and continues to change. I am thankful to have DC in my backyard – this kind of explains why I came back to the area after graduating college.

What college did you go to and what was that like? I went to Coastal Carolina University, located right outside of Myrtle Beach, SC. Since I have lived in VA my whole life, I wanted to explore what other parts of our country had to offer and the close proximity of the beach definitely made this an easy decision. I was able to meet many different groups of individuals from a lot of different places. I enjoyed my experiences and many friendships gained here. I also was able to gain a lot of knowledge and a marketing degree!

Rachel and her dog, Remy
Rachel & Remy, her beautiful purebred Chocolate Labrador

You’ve been with iConstituent for a few months now as an Account Executive, can you give me a brief overview of what it is you do in your work — or what a typical day is like?
A typical day for me is meeting with various offices on the Hill. A lot of walking comes with this…but I love to exercise and talk to people, so it definitely beats your typical desk job. Every day is a different day! I love meeting new staffers in offices and finding the best solutions for them.

What skills or talents to you bring to the Account Executive position at iConstituent? I graduated with a marketing degree –so I see what is marketable and what is not. Marketing and sales are very similar fields. I also have worked in sales positions, and love talking to people and finding solutions to their needs and wants. Something key: “Sales is about relationships!”

Since starting, what is something that you’ve learned or experienced that you’ve found surprising? Being on the Hill everyday means I am constantly learning more about what is going on in the offices I meet with. It truly is a unique experience! A little off topic, but I never could have imagined the amount of support I would receive from my workplace, iConstituent, and from the offices we provide services to. I actually love coming to work every day, something most people cannot say.

As a potential customer reading this, why should I choose iConstituent over any of our competitors? It is hard to compare our services to another vendor on the Hill. iConstituent is not like any other CRM/eNews provider. We have the best support, and most user friendly platform interface—easy for your staffers to pick up. And if there are any troubles, we offer training classes. We are not just looking to sell you on our product, we want you to have the most success using our product. Best practices are always provided, no question goes unanswered! Our bread and butter is not just our Signal CRM and Gateway eNewsletter, but it is our Hardware services and Data Services. It doesn’t just stop there; we have many other services- Website services, iTownHall, and Social Media Ads. Oh yeah, and we constantly are coming up with new ways to service our customers—FiscalNote is one of the newest additions. Let’s not forget that each and every one of our team members at iConstituent is an expert in their field. iConstituent is a great company to work with and work for!

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