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Your blog is a chance to express your identity, get personal, keep readers informed, and hone your voice. Like a garden, make sure you are paying enough attention to your blog, which has the potential to wither without proper upkeep. Keep it interesting and fresh, and since posts remain up for an indefinite amount of time, you will reap the benefits for months or even years to come. Here are a few reminders:

It Takes A Village

Even if you have a dedicated blogger, don’t leave him or her out in the cold. Make it clear to staff that everyone is expected to come up with ideas. Offer incentives for people to submit ideas that get published, and reward those who are consistent about being steady about it.

Know the Stats

Make it a regular practice to look at the statistics for your blog. When you know how it is performing, when it gets the most traffic, and what blogs are the most popular, you can tailor your strategy.

Invite Guests

Take the time to invite guests to the party. This means planning ahead and engaging guest bloggers who you think will help keep your content fresh and interesting.

Moderate Your Comments

A major benefit of a blog is that it creates a conversation; a major drawback is that comments can often be out of line. Choose a blog comment policy — which could include guidelines on whether you accept anonymous comments, a procedure for responding to irrelevant material, etc. — and stick to it.

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