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  • NEW! Casework Email Notificiations in Signal CRM
  • Tips and Tricks for E-Newsletter Content
  • An Intern's Introduction to Correspondence in Signal CRM (Part I and Part II)
  • Hiding, Pushing, and Embedding Website Content

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Meet Our Helpdesk Intern: Nia Boone

Guest Posted by Nia Boone; Support Intern

iConstituent & FiscalNote Present: Prophecy

As a freshman at Towson University, it didn’t take me long to adjust to being independent. As the oldest of four, I’ve always had a sense of responsibility. College was only an extension of what my mother has been preparing me for all my life. Now a rising senior and IT major, I can truly feel proud of my accomplishments, and it feels great knowing I am making my family proud.

Working in Capitol Hill has been so exciting for me. As a native to the DMV, I love everything about D.C. Growing up, my mother always encouraged me to go out and explore. Anywhere with a local train station was a reason for me to go out. I love gaining new experiences and meeting different people, and this has helped me so much throughout college. Towson was the perfect place for me to explore and make memories.

When I first visited iConstituent on my interview day, I was very nervous. I have never been interviewed for a job like this and I was the only woman in my group. Once the interview process started, I realized the focus of the interview was getting to know me as a person. It felt great to be able to have casual conversation instead of being asked questions I had no answer to. I left that day feeling confident and grateful for the experience. Now in my third week as an intern, it is amazing to know that I somehow left my mark during the interview process. I was given the opportunity to learn and grow with a great company and great people. The personality and woman that my parents helped nurture left a memorable impression. I am able to apply things that I’ve been learning in school, and even better, I get to learn something new. This overall experience has been inspirational and exciting, and I am anxious to see what my next life experience will bring.

iConstituent & FiscalNote Present: Prophecy

Posted by Christopher Brooks; Manager, Web Production & Marketing

iConstituent & FiscalNote Present: Prophecy

Join iConstituent & FiscalNote as we celebrate the product launch of Prophecy in the U.S. House of Representatives! So join us for complimentary food and drinks at Hawk 'n' Dove, Wednesday July 15th at 5pm.

Prophecy is a new application for policy and legal professionals who need insight into legislative activity. Prophecy’s searching, tracking, and analysis capabilities provide relevant and timely legislative data from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Congress. Prophecy uses data, coupled with machine learning, to determine legislator sentiment and forecast policy outcomes with over 94% accuracy.

This is a widely attended event, so bring you collegues, friends, and family.

Register Here.

Meet Rachel Brand

Posted by Christopher Brooks; Manager, Web Production & Marketing

We're proud to announce the newest member of the iConstituent family: Rachel Brand. Rachel is joining us as an Account Executive and will work under Greg Fickel, Chief Operating Officer. I sat down with Rachel to ask her a few questions about her interests and what it’s like to work at iConstituent:

Where did you grow up? Springfield, Virginia

What was it like to grow up there? Fairfax County is a great place to grow up in. Since it is only half an hour away from the Nation’s Capital, I was able to go to all of the great museums this city has to offer. It has been cool to see through the years how this city has evolved and continues to change. I am thankful to have DC in my backyard – this kind of explains why I came back to the area after graduating college.

What college did you go to and what was that like? I went to Coastal Carolina University, located right outside of Myrtle Beach, SC. Since I have lived in VA my whole life, I wanted to explore what other parts of our country had to offer and the close proximity of the beach definitely made this an easy decision. I was able to meet many different groups of individuals from a lot of different places. I enjoyed my experiences and many friendships gained here. I also was able to gain a lot of knowledge and a marketing degree!

Rachel and her dog, Remy
Rachel & Remy, her beautiful purebred Chocolate Labrador

You’ve been with iConstituent for a few months now as an Account Executive, can you give me a brief overview of what it is you do in your work — or what a typical day is like?
A typical day for me is meeting with various offices on the Hill. A lot of walking comes with this…but I love to exercise and talk to people, so it definitely beats your typical desk job. Every day is a different day! I love meeting new staffers in offices and finding the best solutions for them.

What skills or talents to you bring to the Account Executive position at iConstituent? I graduated with a marketing degree –so I see what is marketable and what is not. Marketing and sales are very similar fields. I also have worked in sales positions, and love talking to people and finding solutions to their needs and wants. Something key: “Sales is about relationships!”

Since starting, what is something that you’ve learned or experienced that you’ve found surprising? Being on the Hill everyday means I am constantly learning more about what is going on in the offices I meet with. It truly is a unique experience! A little off topic, but I never could have imagined the amount of support I would receive from my workplace, iConstituent, and from the offices we provide services to. I actually love coming to work every day, something most people cannot say.

As a potential customer reading this, why should I choose iConstituent over any of our competitors? It is hard to compare our services to another vendor on the Hill. iConstituent is not like any other CRM/eNews provider. We have the best support, and most user friendly platform interface—easy for your staffers to pick up. And if there are any troubles, we offer training classes. We are not just looking to sell you on our product, we want you to have the most success using our product. Best practices are always provided, no question goes unanswered! Our bread and butter is not just our Signal CRM and Gateway eNewsletter, but it is our Hardware services and Data Services. It doesn’t just stop there; we have many other services- Website services, iTownHall, and Social Media Ads. Oh yeah, and we constantly are coming up with new ways to service our customers—FiscalNote is one of the newest additions. Let’s not forget that each and every one of our team members at iConstituent is an expert in their field. iConstituent is a great company to work with and work for!

New Webinars for June

Welcome summer interns! This month's webinars include our popular Intern offering "An Intern's Introduction to Constituent Correspondence in Signal CRM" and a best practices session for those of you who work with the Constituent Gateway eNewsletter "Building Contact Lists for the Constituent Gateway eNewsletter."

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New Webinars for May

iConstituent provides regular webinars on a variety of topics to help you get the most out of your communication tools. This month's webinars include "What's New in Signal 1.2?" highlighting the updates of our most recent release, as well as two different sessions on Signal's Analytics module and the new report subscription feature. Check the rest of this month's offerings and register for webinars at

iConstituent: The Clear Choice for Telephone Town Halls

iConstituent has been the leading Telephone Town Hall provider to elected officials for years, having produced more than 3000 events for the United States Congress.

We are often asked what makes Telephone Town Halls so important and valuable?

The answers are numerous and clear:

  • Telephone Town Halls build on the time-tested Town Hall that still has resonance and effectiveness as an engagement exercise in good government.
  • It allows elected officials to speak to constituents across a large geographic area at the same time.
  • Unlike traditional Town Halls, Telephone Town Halls deliver a controlled environment that allows the host to control what topics are to be discussed and the flow of conversation.
  • Constituents get to hear personally from and have the opportunity to engage their elected officials.
  • There is an authenticity to these events as they are unscripted and the question and answer format stands out as a more genuine form of communication!
  • Participants on the call get a chance to hear fellow citizens ask relevant questions that the Elected Official is unafraid to answer, which builds a sense of confidence in the representative process. 
  • The value proposition of contact and engagement can be quantified. The host will know precisely who was reached and who was not.
  • The response data is powerful information to calculate relevant engagement of all participants.
  • All calls are recorded and can be edited and posted on web sites and distributed in e-newsletters.
  • Constituent questions that were not answered on the call are recorded and can be answered in detail on the web site or through e-newsletter system mailings, increasing the reach of the Telephone Town Hall.
  • Subject specific Telephone Town Halls, can allow the elected official to speak in depth about a specific topic and address many constituents questions, which can result in fewer calls with questions after the call.

All in all Telephone Town Halls are the most effective platform to reach you constituents with a personal touch.

New Congressional CMS Pricing Model Changes the Game

We’re going to let you in on a secret: you could start paying less for CMS services. How, you ask? We’ve recently changed our CMS pricing structure. A typical congressional office can save thousands of dollars per year utilizing a variable-rate plan designed to enable Members to pay only for the user accounts they need to support their constituents.

“iConstituent has developed two new pricing plans that will help members of Congress save money on their CMS plans without compromising service or quality,” says Zain Khan, CEO of iConstituent. “It is important to note that our proposal is not unprecedented; all major CRM vendors, including SalesForce and others, use the same (or similar) pricing model: they license their software on a per user pricing plan,” he adds.

Benefits of the variable-rate pricing include:

  • Pricing will not exceed the current, published rate for Signal CRM.
  • Congressional offices will have increased control over their expenses, with the ability to add or subtract users as needed.
  • The proposed modification is simple to understand and implement.
  • All costs include training and support.
  • There are no hidden or additional fees for users.

What does this mean for you? To start, it means that your office will only pay for the services it needs. Secondly, by pairing hardware and CRM services, your office could save a ton of money that could then be used on other needs in the office. Finally, by utilizing iConstituent’s flagship product, Signal CMS, your office will save time by using our new and improved CMS interface.

For more information and to take advantage of this new pricing format, contact us today at

A Trip in the Wayback Machine

Today we take a look at the first iteration of the iConstituent Gateway eNewsletter platform. Back in 2001 we worked with former Los Angeles Mayor, Jim Hahn, on his DineLA campaign. Mayor Jim HahnThis campaign was one of the first applications of email marketing for an elected official. Our job was to get as many people to sign up to receive coupons promoting local restaurants and eateries as a part of Mayor’s community outreach initiative. Our secondary objective was to begin to lay the foundation for a contact list that the Mayor could then use to keep his constituents updated on important information and his work for the city of Los Angeles.

Even in its infancy, the Gateway provided in-depth statistics, including views and forwards, to help determine the success of the email campaign and to help our staff make tweaks to increase engagement.

iConstituent Becomes National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2014 Champion

Posted by Christopher Brooks; Manager, Web Production & Marketing

iConstituent today announced that it has become a Champion of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) 2014, joining a growing global effort among colleges and universities, businesses, government agencies, associations and non-profit organizations to promote online safety awareness.

Celebrated every October, National Cyber Security Awareness Month was created as a collaborative effort between government and industry to ensure everyone has the resources needed to stay safer and more secure online.As an official Champion, iConstituent recognizes its commitment to cybersecurity and online safety.

Coordinated and led by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and the Department of Homeland Security, NCSAM has grown exponentially since its inception, reaching consumers, small and medium-sized businesses, corporations, educational institutions and young people across the nation and internationally. This year marks the 11th year of NCSAM.

For more information on National Cyber Security Awareness Month, check out the National Cyber Security Alliance website.