Making the Most of the Executive Summary

The new Constituent Gateway Executive Summary is a powerful tool that allows for complete tracking of your e-newsletter and how it is shared and on social networking sites such as Faceboook™ , MySpace™ , Twitter™ , Yahoo Buzz™ , LinkedIn™ , and Digg™. Understanding how to ready your executive summary will help you gain insight into how your consitutentss are interacting with your digital communications.

Let's look deeper into these social-network reporting tools.

Please refer to the screenshot below.
When you view your Executive Summary, you will see an area at the bottom titled “Social Network Sharing”. At the top, you can see the “Total Views for this Mailing”. Below that, you can see the total number of times the e-newsletter was posted to a social network (in this case, 53) and the total number of views that resulted from the posting (in this case, 76).

The listing of available social networks is shown, along with the corresponding color used in the pie chart. The pie chart shows how often each social network was used. In this example, of the 53 social network posts, 16.98% was on Facebook and 22.64% was on MySpace. You can also see how many times your e-newsletter was viewed as a result of the postings on the platform. For example, there were 11 views of the e-newsletter as a result of its posting on Digg.

Click on one of the social networks to view detailed information. For example, clicking on Facebook will display the following information:

This example shows that there are 3 people who shared the e-newsletter on Facebook. It also shows the date and time at which the e-newsletter was shared and the number of views that resulted from that users posting. You can download the report data by clicking on the button.

Announcing Constituent Gateway Version 3.0!

New User Interface

We are excited to unveil the new Gateway user interface design! This new interface includes an updated color scheme, improved graphics and a sleek new layout. We have also added a dropdown navigation to allow you to move through the application quickly and easily, a download “inbox” for cleaner file management, and an improved system messaging area.

Please note that although the look of the Constituent Gateway has been updated, all functionality will remain the same. However, we are working to improve the workflow of some of our popular features, and these updates will be released in the coming months.

Expanded Social Networking Integration and Reporting

In the last Constituent Gateway release, iConstituent brought Facebook sharing and reporting to our e-newsletter system. This feature has been very popular, with thousands of constituents posting e-newsletters to their Facebook accounts!

Currently, the Executive Summary for a given mailing displays the number of times an e-newsletter was shared on Facebook. In Release 3.0, iConstituent is expanding this feature’s reporting capabilities. You will now be able to see not only how many times your e-newsletter was shared, but also how many e-newsletter views resulted from each posting! You will also be able to see which specific users are posting the e-newsletter and how many views each specific user’s posting created. This powerful reporting will allow you to analyze how social media is helping to spread your messaging and driving more traffic to your website!

This release will also include additional social-network sharing platforms including MySpace™, Twitter™, Yahoo Buzz™, LinkedIn™, and Digg™! These new “Share On…” content pieces will automatically be loaded in to your account and will include all of the new reporting features!

We are looking forward to more releases in 2009…stay tuned!


Tips for Updating Your Site Prior to the Golden Mouse Evaluations

1) Take Advantage of Social Media Platforms

iConstituent can help you promote your social media presence in a variety of ways! Add a button on your website that will link to your Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace accounts. We can also help you create custom banners for your YouTube channel, or any other site where a custom-sized banner is required.

Our latest Gateway release features a “Share on Facebook” feature for your newsletters. Mailing clients have the ability to allow constituents to post e-newsletters to their Facebook profiles. The number of constituents who share your newsletter will be displayed on the Executive Summary of your mailing so you can know which of your constituents are promoting your message. 

2) Offer Video Clips and Segments
Offering video clips on your website is an easy and fun way for constituents to see the daily activities around Congress and the district! And did you know, our latest Gateway release allows you to upload YouTube videos directly in the Constituent Gateway!

Already have a YouTube channel? As part of our promotion, iConstituent can design a custom banner for your YouTube channel to ensure that you are displaying a high-quality and consistent branding message across all web platforms!

3) Update your Legislative Information for the 111th Congress
Take this opportunity to review your legislative content, including links to external pages, and make sure that it is updated for the 111th Congress. Take a look at the current offerings on your site and consider adding new sections based on the CMF’s list of suggestions, including:

–    Congressional Voting Record
–    Current Floor Proceedings
–    Links to Sponsored and Co-Sponsored Legislation
–    Thomas Search

Instructions for updating your Thomas Search are available by contacting If you do not have a Thomas Search, one can be added as part of our promotion. Please contact us if you are interested!

4) Organize Press Releases by Date or Topic
Sorting your press releases by topic or date can allow your constituents and press contacts to quickly access the information they are looking for! The Constituent Gateway makes it easy for you to set this up. Instructions for sorting your Press Releases by Date or Topic are available by contacting

5) Update District Information, including District Map and Demographic Information
Some of the highest-rated websites have detailed information on the district, including information on counties/towns, an interactive district map including office locations, and demographic information on the region.

As part of our promotion, iConstituent can build a custom Flash map, or one of several different types of Google maps available!

6) Promote Interactivity with Polls  
Increase interactivity with constituents on your site by posting regularly-updated surveys or polls on your website. This will allow you to gain valuable insight, increase e-newsletter sign-ups, and keep your site looking up to date!  Constituents will feel involved and can even (at your discretion) see the results of the poll!

7) Stay Current and Up-to-Date with a Blog
You can also post a blog on your site – complete with user-submitted comments! This allows your site to stay fresh and current, while keeping your constituents up-to-date on today’s issues.  Consider posting current Congressional issues, activities during recess, or reasoning for recent stances on various issues!

8) Offer Audio Podcasts to Constituents
Offering audio podcasts for download is a great way to allow constituents to access your content in an easy and interactive fashion! This allows them to listen in on Congressional speeches, events, or floor statements – at home or on the go.

9) Ensure that All Content is Organized and Easy-to-Read
Content should be organized in a way so users can quickly jump to the section of content they are looking for. Rather than posting long paragraphs of text, which can be difficult to read on the computer monitor, break your content up into sub-sections. Organize these sub-sections with sub-headers (bolded text) or anchor links. Anchor links allow you to post a mini Table of Contents at the top of the page and allow users to jump down to the appropriate section.

10) Satisfy Latest House Regulations by Posting Disclosure Information

House Rules now require that the Clerk post Members’ financial disclosure statements. Consider linking directly to the forms on the Clerk’s site or put the documents on your own site!

For assistance with any of the above tips and suggestions, please contact