Start Mailing Like a Pro

Our E-Newsletter Best Practices “Start Mailing Like a Pro” meeting on Friday, 6/17 presented some great tips for improving your mailing effectiveness and engagement. Each  month we see hundreds of e-newsletters being sent out from the Constituent Gateway. We have been able to see what works well, what doesn’t and what types of e-newsletters generate the most interactions. This session included information regarding optimizing your content for delivery, maintaining good data, monitoring delivery, and strategizing your mailing campaign.

Keith Matthews, our Customer Advocate, presented information on establishing a strong communications plan.

  1. Determine your long range communication goals.
  2. Pinpoint a specific target with a set deadline.
  3. Build a strategy to get you to that target.
  4. Evaluate results and refine your strategy.

He also discussed some best practices related to building your content and increasing your engagement such as the ratio of text to images, including surveys, and the importance of linking to your own website whenever possible.

Aaron Stowers, our Senate Program Manager, finished off the presentation with tips on list building through various channels, and a discussion of the importance of being delivery conscious.

  1. Look for opportunities to build your lists everywhere – through district events, your CRM platform, and telephone town halls.
  2. Be aware that maintaining good data is essential to email deliverability.
  3. Be delivery conscious when creating your content by using our delivery checklist.

Check out our slide show here for more details and exmples: Start Mailing Like a Pro Presentation

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Posted by Becky Baylor; Help Desk Support Manager

Last week, we presented "Signal CRM: What's Next?" to Signal CRM users in DC to highlight the new efficient mail processing features that will be available in Signal 1.3, which is currently being rolled out to offices. Our staff will be reaching out to offices on an individual basis to schedule your upgrade date.

This was an informative session providing a detailed breakdown of the features, as well as highlighting a few developments on the way. Everyone will be upgraded to Signal 1.3 over the next few weeks, so if you work with mail processing or are simply curious about the changes, this is a session you definitely don't want to miss.

If you didn't get a chance to participate in last week's session, don't worry, we've got you covered! "Signal CRM: What's Next?" will be presented via webinar every Tuesday for the next several weeks to coincide with the rollout. Click the button below to sign up!

Other resources include our previous post: "Signal 1.3 Is on It's Way!" and our Help Center article "What's New in Signal 1.3?" If you have any additional questions, please email

New Webinars for September

iConstituent provides regular webinars on a variety of topics to help you get the most out of your communication tools.  Check out this month's webinars:

  • NEW! Casework Email Notificiations in Signal CRM
  • Tips and Tricks for E-Newsletter Content
  • An Intern's Introduction to Correspondence in Signal CRM (Part I and Part II)
  • Hiding, Pushing, and Embedding Website Content

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New Webinars for June

Welcome summer interns! This month's webinars include our popular Intern offering "An Intern's Introduction to Constituent Correspondence in Signal CRM" and a best practices session for those of you who work with the Constituent Gateway eNewsletter "Building Contact Lists for the Constituent Gateway eNewsletter."

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