Using Daily Print in Capitol Correspond

If you’re not already aware, Capitol Correspond’s Daily Print utility has A LOT of crucial functionality. Not only is it used for mass printing and emailing, but Daily Print is also used for making assignments, closing correspondence in mass, and reopening it.

What you probably know

To make an assignment, change your Action to “Assign,” and from the Selection section of Daily Print, choose the code that you want to assign to new criteria (i.e., a response letter or a different staff member). Then from the Assignments section of Daily Print, choose the new criteria that you wish to assign (i.e., the letter code or the staff ID). Unfortunately, we can’t go through all of Daily Print’s uses in a short newsletter, but we can share a little known but very useful feature…

What you may not know

Have you ever noticed there are two buttons to perform your action: “Execute” and “Execute All?” It’s not a typo: you have the ability to perform multiple actions on a group of activities at one time!

Here’s a scenario from an office using Capitol Correspond: I have been receiving tons of different inquiries with regard to healthcare, and my various mail processors have been assigning these messages to different Group Codes. However, all of these different batches, or Groups, should actually be assigned to the same Group Code since they should all receive the same response. I want to assign these various Groups to a single Group and then email a response to all of them at once. In Daily Print, you can assign each different Group Code to the same Group AND assign the response at the same time. For each action you’re trying to accomplish, click the “Add” button. It’s subtle, but by clicking the “Add” button, you’re adding another Daily Print Job within the same window. (Notice the new scroll bar on the right side of the window.)

The end result

In the first job, you can assign one of your extraneous healthcare Groups to the primary Group Code. You can do the same in the second job and so on. In the last job, select the primary Group (that now contains all of the records that should receive the same response), assign the response, and click “Execute All”. Each job will be performed, one after the other, saving you the hassle of re-opening Daily Print and waiting for each instance of the Print Job to finish independently.

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