Co-Founder & CEO
Zain Khan

Connect with Zain: 

As co-founder and chief executive officer for iConstituent, Zain Khan has provided the leadership to take iConstituent from a start-up company with just one product and a handful of clients to a company that powers a vast majority of Congressional ecommunications. His expertise managing fast growth Internet software companies coupled with a passion to enhance government to constituent communications has been critical to iConstituent’s success.

Zain was one of the original founders of the company in 2002. Zain brings a solid mix of business development and operational skills to iConstituent, and has extensive experience in SaaS model businesses. During his tenure, he has provided strategic direction for every department in the company. Zain has also led the company’s successful mergers and acquisitions strategy, acquiring over four businesses and expanding iConstituent’s portfolio of businesses beginning with InterAmerica Technologies in 2010. Through the acquisition of InterAmerica Technologies, iConstituent has become one of the leading providers of CRM to government.  In addition to implementing iConstituent’s vision and business strategy, Zain oversees the day-to-day business at iConstituent.

Before founding iConstituent, Zain worked for the Lexis Nexis Group, one of the leading knowledge management firms in the country.  Before his work with the Lexis Nexis Group, Zain co-founded ArtistForum, an early indie music website that promoted and sold music online and through the mail, and AFI Technologies, an e-commerce and web development business focused on providing services to mid-sized corporations.

An expert in government to constituent communication, Zain has been interviewed on National Public Radio, quoted in the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post.