About Us

iConstituent has been delivering technology to meet constituents’ growing expectations for Government transparency and communication for the past two decades. We introduced the first eNewsletter to Congress, and our flagship product, the iConstituent Constituent Engagement Platform, is changing the way elected officials communicate with their constituents every day.

At iConstituent, we believe that the interactions constituents have with their elected officials make for a better democracy. Whether developing SMS communications that can be managed via a smartphone or enabling Congress members to instantly hold a digital town hall meeting with thousands of their constituents, we are at the forefront of innovative constituent communications.

As industry leaders, we know the words “cutting edge” and “innovation” get tossed around a lot. At iConstituent, we help governments innovate with solutions designed with a deep understanding of official processes, using collaborative tools, robust security, and keen insights. iConstituent powers thousands of interactions between people and government every single day — and that’s cutting edge.

The iConstituent Story 

Based in Washington DC,  iConstituent’s vision has always remained the same; providing products that ease the process of communication between government and its constituents.  In 2002, the founders of iConstituent set out to expand beyond the traditional methods of communication such as mail, phone calls, and in-person meetings, leveraging the power of digital communications.  They wanted to bridge the communication gap between government officials and communities across the United States.   

 In 2003, iConstituent brought Congress the ability to reach tens of thousands of constituents with just a few clicks through eNewsletters.  From there, iConstituent grew to meet the expanding digital needs of government – with websites, virtual town halls, data services, email, and SMS with our flagship platform, the iConstituent Engagement Platform (CEP). The CEP supports millions of digital interactions between people and their governments each year. 

 iConstituent, at its core, is a team of dreamers and doers.  We embrace the entrepreneurial spirit to push government technology forward. We work with federal, state, and local elected officials across the country that value one-on-one engagement with their constituents – the kind of engagement that influences lawmakers and enhances constituent loyalties. 

When you work with us, you’re joining an assembly of seasoned professionals and former staffers committed to providing relevant communications and services to elected officials and constituents. 

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