Record-Breaking Election and Wave of Incoming Frosh Electeds: It’s a New World

by Zain Khan on 2018-Dec-03 under Blog, News & Updates

What a midterm election! I don’t even care whether pollsters and predictors were proven right. What fascinates me is the…

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Constituent Relationship Management: Stakeholders Are More Than Customers

by Zain Khan on 2018-Nov-29 under Blog, News & Updates, Product Releases & Updates

To salespeople, vendors, and other people trying to sell products and services, “CRM” still stands for “Customer Relationship Management,” and…

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Constituent Communications Tech Helps Build Smart Participatory Democracy

by Zain Khan on 2018-Oct-25 under Blog, News & Updates

The Brazilian activist and playwright Augusto Boal once said: “I believe in democracy, but in real democracy, not a phony…

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Capitol Correspond: Updating a Letter (Quick and Easy)

by Christopher Brooks on 2010-Jun-23 under Blog

The Letter Library houses all of your Form letter responses.  Once a letter is no longer relevant as a response,…

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Constituent Gateway: The Blackout and Creating 499 Lists

by Christopher Brooks on under Blog

With the August Blackout period approaching for all Members of the House of Representatives, it's an appropriate time to review…

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MiCongress: On-demand cable for lawmakers, constituents

by Christopher Brooks on 2010-Jun-22 under News & Updates

View full article at The Washington Post By Sandhya Somashekhar Washington Post Staff Writer   Entrepreneur Stuart Shapiro thinks incumbents…

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Congress Members Added To Cable's On-Demand Menus

by Christopher Brooks on 2010-Jun-18 under News & Updates

View full article at Florida AP News MATTHEW BARAKAT, Associated Press Writer McLEAN, Va. (AP) ? Can't get enough of…

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Ortiz Launches On-Demand Channel Across South Texas

by Christopher Brooks on under News & Updates

View full article at Texas Insider WASHINGTON – U.S. Representative Solomon P. Ortiz (D-Texas) launches his MiCongress On-Demand Channel throughout…

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Look Out, C-SPAN – Here Comes MiCongress

by Christopher Brooks on 2010-Jun-17 under News & Updates

View full article at Roll Call WASHINGTON – Rep. Jim Moran knows the sting of unscripted sound bites: In one…

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Now playing in your living room: Jim Moran and Donna Edwards

by Christopher Brooks on under News & Updates

View full article at The Washington Post WASHINGTON – Starting today, the longtime representative of Virginia's 8th congressional district can…

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Have You Tried a Training Class?

by Christopher Brooks on 2010-Jun-15 under Blog

iConstituent offers training on its family of products for users with varying degrees of experience and skill. For new users,…

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Constituent Gateway Version 3.2 is Here!

by Christopher Brooks on 2010-Jun-11 under Blog

Google Analytics Now Integrated into Constituent Gateway As you may know, our websites use Google Analytics to track important data…

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Capitol Correspond: Did You Say “Irish Names?”

by Christopher Brooks on 2010-Jun-09 under Blog

It’s important to standardize name and address information in Capitol Correspond as much as possible so that (1) all outbound…

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