Record-Breaking Election and Wave of Incoming Frosh Electeds: It’s a New World

by Zain Khan on 2018-Dec-03 under Blog, News & Updates

What a midterm election! I don’t even care whether pollsters and predictors were proven right. What fascinates me is the…

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Constituent Relationship Management: Stakeholders Are More Than Customers

by Zain Khan on 2018-Nov-29 under Blog, News & Updates, Product Releases & Updates

To salespeople, vendors, and other people trying to sell products and services, “CRM” still stands for “Customer Relationship Management,” and…

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Constituent Communications Tech Helps Build Smart Participatory Democracy

by Zain Khan on 2018-Oct-25 under Blog, News & Updates

The Brazilian activist and playwright Augusto Boal once said: “I believe in democracy, but in real democracy, not a phony…

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The Stats: CRM Response Rates

by Christopher Brooks on 2011-Mar-31 under Blog

We have a question for you: How long after a constituent writes a Member of Congress does it take for…

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Mutual Attraction: Inbound Links And Your Site

by Christopher Brooks on 2011-Mar-29 under Blog

Attracting people to your site is all about cross-pollination — of comments, ideas, and people. One of the more overlooked…

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When's the best time to tweet?

by Christopher Brooks on 2011-Mar-25 under Blog

We found a great little tool today on when the best time to tweet is:  What's your best time?  

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Traffic Jam: Who's Writing You?

by Christopher Brooks on 2011-Mar-24 under Blog

It’s valuable knowing your inbound traffic patterns. This way, you can know who wants to get — and stay —…

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The Key To A Winning Press Release? Key Words!

by Christopher Brooks on 2011-Mar-22 under Blog

A press release can cover anything from a speech by your boss, information about an upcoming bill, or current events…

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Are You A True Fan? Turn Facebook “likes” into Active Fans

by Christopher Brooks on 2011-Mar-17 under Blog

Some people are afraid of commitment. That’s why they might just choose to “like” you on Facebook instead of becoming…

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A Webinar: Building Your Subscriber List

by Christopher Brooks on 2011-Mar-15 under Blog

Recently, Andrew Foxwell from iConstituent hosted a webinar on how to grow your subscriber list in Congress.  The event went…

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Going for Gold: The Top 10 Improvements To Make to Your Site Today

by Christopher Brooks on 2011-Mar-10 under Blog

Is Your Website Gold Mouse-Worthy? In our third installment about getting your site up to speed for the Gold Mouse…

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Catch The (Gold) Mouse: Four Easy Steps Getting Your Website Ready

by Christopher Brooks on 2011-Mar-08 under Blog

We know that everybody likes a winner.  We also know every one of your constituents loves a winning website that…

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The Gold Mouse Awards: Is Your Site In The Race?

by Christopher Brooks on 2011-Mar-03 under Blog

The 112th Golden Mouse Awards — garnered to members of Congress who use the Internet for communicating with their constituents…

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