The New iConstituent – Redesigning CRM from the Ground Up

by Zain Khan on 2018-Sep-05 under News & Updates, Product Releases & Updates

As we prepare for a new Congress, I’m on the road with the iConstituent sales team. And I’m so proud…

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Are You Following the CRM Trend?

by Adriel Hampton on 2018-Aug-30 under Events, News & Updates, Product Releases & Updates

As FedScoop recently reported, federal agencies this year made Customer Relationship Management a top spending priority, behind only security and…

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Your NCSL CRM Sneak Peek

by Adriel Hampton on 2018-Jul-25 under Events, News & Updates

State and local governments are where information technology innovation happens – often long before trends filter up to the process-driven…

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Latest posts

Thirty Times the Communication? No Problem.

by Christopher Brooks on 2011-Jul-28 under Blog

With so many messages getting communicated to Members of Congress, there is always the potential of going into overload. We're…

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Via AllFacebook: SURVEY: U.S. Congressmen Really Like Facebook

by Christopher Brooks on 2011-Jul-27 under Blog Members of Congress like it, they really like it… Facebook, that is. According to survey findings released today, social…

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Congress= Innovative? iConstituent Launching Mobile Apps for Congressmen and Women

by Christopher Brooks on 2011-Jul-26 under News & Updates

Via @ Tech Cocktail: Congress isn’t exactly associated with innovation, but a DC-based startup has been helping bring Congress…

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Embrace Your News Feed

by Christopher Brooks on under Blog

Facebook tabs are a great way to engage with your constituents. They are vital for welcoming new people and for…

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How Do We Get More People to Interact with Their Representatives? Social Media and the Future of Democracy: Part Four

by Christopher Brooks on 2011-Jul-21 under Blog

In the last installation of this four-part series, I'd like to cover the final — and pressing — question we…

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Social Media and the Future of Democracy Part Three: Can Technology Turn the Tide of Partisanship?

by Christopher Brooks on 2011-Jul-19 under Blog

By Andrew Foxwell, Director of Marketing and New Media In the last blog in this series on technology and the…

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Top Six Things Marketers Need to Know About Google Plus (from Huffington Post)

by Christopher Brooks on 2011-Jul-15 under Blog

This post is written by David All, the Chief Creative Officer at David All Group. Google Plus is an interesting application…

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Social Media and the Future of Democracy Part Two: The Movement of trust away from large institutions and toward social networks.

by Christopher Brooks on 2011-Jul-14 under Blog

By Andrew Foxwell, Director of Marketing and New Media The future is now.  In my last blog, I talked about…

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Social Media and the Future of Democracy Part One: Brands Aren't About People – Democracy Is

by Christopher Brooks on 2011-Jul-12 under Blog

By Andrew Foxwell, Dir. of Marketing / New Media, iConstituent Recently, I attended a session at the Brookings Institution called…

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Please Give A Warm Welcome To Constituent Gateway 3.5

by Christopher Brooks on 2011-Jul-08 under Blog

We love upgrades because we can save you time, improve your workflow, and help you achieve more integration. And that’s…

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