Record-Breaking Election and Wave of Incoming Frosh Electeds: It’s a New World

by Zain Khan on 2018-Dec-03 under Blog, News & Updates

What a midterm election! I don’t even care whether pollsters and predictors were proven right. What fascinates me is the…

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Constituent Relationship Management: Stakeholders Are More Than Customers

by Zain Khan on 2018-Nov-29 under Blog, News & Updates, Product Releases & Updates

To salespeople, vendors, and other people trying to sell products and services, “CRM” still stands for “Customer Relationship Management,” and…

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Constituent Communications Tech Helps Build Smart Participatory Democracy

by Zain Khan on 2018-Oct-25 under Blog, News & Updates

The Brazilian activist and playwright Augusto Boal once said: “I believe in democracy, but in real democracy, not a phony…

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Gateway's Social Module: Social Dashboard

by Christopher Brooks on 2012-Jan-27 under Blog

Monitoring your social media can seem like a full-time job. Because you already have a job, we’ve created a module…

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5 Useful Tips on Building Your Email Lists

by Christopher Brooks on 2012-Jan-24 under Blog

Stay on Top: Five Ways To Build Your List and Grow Your Newsletter Deliver Value. Content isn’t after after-thought: it’s…

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4 Ideas to Boost Your Outreach Today

by Christopher Brooks on 2012-Jan-19 under Blog

You want to reach the most number of people as possible. Making it easy to stay in touch creates engagement…

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Are you Pinterested?

by Christopher Brooks on 2012-Jan-17 under Blog

If you are a social media trendwatcher, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Pinterest, an online bulletin board where you can organize…

Read more No Comments U.S. Congress Members Get Improved Facebook Analytics

by Christopher Brooks on 2012-Jan-13 under News & Updates The vendor iConstituent is rolling out a new tool that could help members of Congress enhance their…

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New Year, New Data Standards for the House

by Christopher Brooks on 2012-Jan-05 under Blog

Is it a new day for transparency in government? It seems we are at least one step closer. Starting in…

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iConstituent Named in Article on Political Trends to Watch in 2012

by Christopher Brooks on 2012-Jan-03 under Blog

The New Year not only brings new resolutions, but also presidential, congressional, state and local elections. This means that candidates…

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