The New iConstituent – Redesigning CRM from the Ground Up

by Zain Khan on 2018-Sep-05 under News & Updates, Product Releases & Updates

As we prepare for a new Congress, I’m on the road with the iConstituent sales team. And I’m so proud…

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Are You Following the CRM Trend?

by Adriel Hampton on 2018-Aug-30 under Events, News & Updates, Product Releases & Updates

As FedScoop recently reported, federal agencies this year made Customer Relationship Management a top spending priority, behind only security and…

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Your NCSL CRM Sneak Peek

by Adriel Hampton on 2018-Jul-25 under Events, News & Updates

State and local governments are where information technology innovation happens – often long before trends filter up to the process-driven…

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Latest posts

Social Media Trends

by Christopher Brooks on 2012-Mar-28 under Blog

When it comes to Social Media and government, it’s a mixed bag. Some state and local agencies remain skeptical (security…

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Break it Down: iConstituent Public Sector

by Christopher Brooks on 2012-Mar-22 under Blog

As the leading experts in Congressional communications, we know a thing or two about how to engage constituents. Now we…

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Taking the First Step: Designing a Social Media Policy

by Christopher Brooks on 2012-Mar-20 under Blog

Government agencies are increasingly looking to leverage social media to improve the quality of government services and enable greater citizen…

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4 Tips for (Even More!) Constituent Engagement

by Christopher Brooks on under Blog

We’re all about uncovering constituent engagement. Here, iConstituent Customer Support Consultant JeNaye Johnson tells us the most important ways to…

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Social Media: Build Your Foundation

by Christopher Brooks on 2012-Mar-15 under Blog

You can’t have a sturdy house without a strong foundation. When it comes to Social Media, don’t build your house…

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Virtual Telephone Town Hall: Make It Count

by Christopher Brooks on 2012-Mar-13 under Blog

Each and every telephone town hall is an opportunity to boost communication and engagement. Don’t let the opportunity slip through…

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Timeline for Facebook: It's About Time

by Christopher Brooks on 2012-Mar-09 under Blog

It’s no secret: Timeline for Facebook rocks. The profile creates the feeling that you’ve got something special that you want people…

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4 Steps to Improve your Constituent Engagement Programs

by Christopher Brooks on 2012-Mar-07 under Blog

Everyone wants to improve their engagement and we at iConstituent Public Sector can help.  Contact us today.  Goals:  Constituent engagement…

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Boost Your SEO with Internal Linking on Your Website

by Christopher Brooks on 2012-Mar-06 under Blog

If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? In the same way, if you have a…

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The ABCs of Email Marketing

by Christopher Brooks on 2012-Mar-01 under Blog

Email marketing terminology often seems like alphabet soup, filled with acronyms and initials that seem to change every week. But…

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