“Inauguration Ticket Madness” as it’s sometimes referred to in these parts is just around the corner. The truth is it can become overwhelming, especially if you don’t have a plan. Never fear! Your friends at iConstituent are here to help you undertake this huge project.

Managing expectations:

Stick to one method for accepting submissions: Having one clear method for accepting ticket requests lightens the burden immensely. Pointing everyone requesting tickets to your web form ensures that you get all of the important information you need in one place and that you don’t lose track of any requests.

Cut-off date: Set a clear cut-off date for accepting requests. This allows you and your staff time to process everything and time to provide timely notifications to requesters.

Notification date: Just as important as setting a cut-off date is setting a public notification date – and sticking to it. This should limit the calls to your office, and will keep everyone on staff on message.

Processing the requests:

Using the CRM: Web form submissions can be directed into your iConstituent CRM platform, which makes tracking requests a breeze. These submissions can automatically be routed to the appropriate staffer and assigned an Inauguration code for easy retrieval. Filtered folders can be created to track processed and unprocessed requests. The added benefit is that this method keeps all of your constituent data in one place.

A shared Outlook Mailbox: If you choose, our hardware team can create a shared mailbox that requests are sent to and you can manage them from there, creating subfolders for processed and unprocessed. Another option is to export the mailbox periodically to a spreadsheet and deal with the requests there.

Other strategy considerations:

What are the rules? Will you allow requests from outside of the district? If so, will they have lower priority than constituents? Will requests be processed on a first-come, first-served basis, or will they be randomized and selected from there? How will constituents pick them up? How will you identify your VIPs and manage their requests?

We can help you!

We’ve got three pre-created options for your inauguration form along with informative language and an FAQ. All you’ll need to do is choose one of them and we’ll add it to your website. For more information on this, email our web team at support@iconstituent.com.

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