Capitol Correspond offers many different fields to which you can add information about a constituent.  Fields include fax number, Social Security number, Tax ID number, Date of Birth, and more.  If you decide to use any of these fields to enter data about a constituent, you can also use that field to search for the constituent via the “Synonym” search in the Power Search screen.

You can create your own fields!  If Capitol Correspond does not provide a field for a certain type of information that you would like to track, you can create and label a field of your own that is specific to your office and even use that new, “user-defined” field to search for constituents.

Examples of fields that some our offices have created include a “Deceased” field, a “Grant Name” field for users that do not wish to create a case for Grant Requests, an “Alien Number” for Immigration cases, an “Application Number".

To Create a User-Defined Field:

 1.     From the “Power Search” screen, click on “Utilities.”

2.     Click on the “Additional Utilities” button, and select the “Office Configuration” option.

3.     In the “Office Config Value” column, scroll down to the fields labeled “UDF.”  There are 3 options: “Text,” “Date,” and “Number.”  For each of the 3 types of fields you can create, you have 3 possible fields you can add for a total of 9 User Defined Fields.

4.     Double-click on the “UDF” field that accommodates the type of information you wish to store.

5.     In the left column, scroll to the “UDF” field that you have added, and type the name of the label into the “Value” field (i.e., “Application #”, “A Number”, etc.).

6.     Click “OK.”

The new field you have created is available in the “General Information” box of the Constituent Detail window.

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