website for government

Government Web site with a citizen-centric approach

by Samuel Santeliz on 2021-May-17 under Blog, News & Updates

Christopher Brook, a US ARMY veteran, has over ten years of experience in digital design and development of projects in…

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CRM for government

Three changes that will make a big difference for your citizens

by Samuel Santeliz on 2021-May-14 under Blog, News & Updates

The world has changed, and government needs to change with it.  Given the rapid adoption of digital technology by the…

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How can CRM Software for Local Government solve common challenges?

by Samuel Santeliz on 2021-Apr-10 under Blog, News & Updates

One of the main ideas to understand is how CRM software for local government differs from Gmail and Excel files? …

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Latest posts

Coming up to the 117th United States Congress

by Samuel Santeliz on 2020-Oct-15 under Blog, News & Updates

With an election right around the corner, iConstituent looks forward to being your IT and Constituent Communications partners for both…

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How to Make Communication for Constituents Easy with Inbound Text

by Samuel Santeliz on 2020-Oct-13 under Blog, News & Updates, Product Releases & Updates

Communication with elected officials can be painful for constituents.  iConstituent has developed Smart Text Messaging to solve this problem with…

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iConstituent Helps the 2020 Census Connect in San Jose, CA

by Samuel Santeliz on 2020-Oct-09 under Blog, News & Updates

Upending historically low census response during the Pandemic October 9, 2020, Washington DC – The City of San Jose, CA…

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Govtext engagement

iConstituent’s GovText Engagement Platform used by Illinois State Government

by Samuel Santeliz on 2020-Sep-23 under Blog, News & Updates

Elected members of the Illinois State Government are using iConstituent’s GovText engagement platform.  Given the need for clear and accurate communication,…

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Constituent engagement

Constituent Engagement Despite COVID-19 Communications Gaps

by Samuel Santeliz on 2020-Sep-15 under Blog, News & Updates

iConstituent’s Constituent Engagement Platform delivers results  for City of Los Angeles’ Councilman Mike Bonin Los Angeles City Councilman Mike Bonin…

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Collaborations Update! 😀💬🙌

by Samuel Santeliz on 2020-Sep-11 under Blog, News & Updates, Product Releases & Updates

Remote work has become the norm for many of us. But that doesn’t mean that constituent communication has stopped. In…

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constituent relationship

Constituent Relationship: Treating citizens like clients with exceptional customer service  

by Samuel Santeliz on 2020-Aug-28 under Blog, News & Updates

Providing services to citizens is integral to the mission of government offices, but many are failing to meet expectations.  According…

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iconstituent's constituent communication software

iConstituent’s Constituent Communication Software deployed in Hawaii

by Samuel Santeliz on 2020-Aug-10 under Blog, News & Updates

Cloud-based Constituent Communication software reaches across the island for citizen engagement iConstituent’s platform is being used by the City of…

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How to Use Simple Automation to Streamline Constituent Communication

by Samuel Santeliz on 2020-Jul-22 under Blog, News & Updates

How can you avoid wasting time recreating messages over and over again?  How can you ensure that constituents don’t get…

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Transform your Constituent Communication in 2020 with GovText™

by Samuel Santeliz on under Blog, News & Updates

During the past few decades, there has been a foundational switch in ease of communication through electronic methods.  This has…

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