website for government

Government Web site with a citizen-centric approach

by Samuel Santeliz on 2021-May-17 under Blog, News & Updates

Christopher Brook, a US ARMY veteran, has over ten years of experience in digital design and development of projects in…

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CRM for government

Three changes that will make a big difference for your citizens

by Samuel Santeliz on 2021-May-14 under Blog, News & Updates

The world has changed, and government needs to change with it.  Given the rapid adoption of digital technology by the…

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How can CRM Software for Local Government solve common challenges?

by Samuel Santeliz on 2021-Apr-10 under Blog, News & Updates

One of the main ideas to understand is how CRM software for local government differs from Gmail and Excel files? …

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How Innovation Can Improve Your Communication With Constituents During COVID-19 Pandemic

by Samuel Santeliz on 2020-Jul-21 under Blog, News & Updates, Product Releases & Updates

There is a lot of information being thrown around right now:  COVID-19 infection rates, testing, government shutdowns, business closures, schools…

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Data Services

Message from our CEO

by Zain Khan on 2020-Mar-20 under Blog, News & Updates, Product Releases & Updates

The evolving COVID-19 situation is an unprecedented time for everyone — a time that we know is filled with uncertainty.…

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iConstituent Helps Federal, State Officials Reach Constituents Like Never Before

by Zain Khan on 2019-Oct-02 under Blog, News & Updates

Communications and ticketing software grows staff capacity and measurable impact Washington, DC – From programs that track public sentiment trends…

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iConstituent Expansion Helps Local Leaders Make Good

by Becky Baylor on 2019-Sep-30 under Blog, News & Updates

There-where-you-need it software platform powers responsive governments Washington, DC – You’re an elected council member in a large and diverse…

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iConstituent Announces Expansion to Help Local Democracies

by Aaron Stowers on 2019-Sep-25 under Blog, News & Updates

Cloud-based software platform fills Constituent Engagement Platform, communications gap Washington, DC – Local governments provide the lifeblood of cities and…

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What Ancient Road-building Can Tell Us about Serving Constituents

by Zain Khan on 2019-Sep-17 under Blog, News & Updates

There’s something about road-building, and the evolution of roads, that speaks to the challenges of political leadership and constituent relations:…

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Record-Breaking Election and Wave of Incoming Electeds: It’s a New World

by Zain Khan on 2018-Dec-03 under Blog, News & Updates

What a midterm election! I don’t even care whether pollsters and predictors were proven right. What fascinates me is the…

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Constituent Engagement Platform: Stakeholders Are More Than Customers

by Zain Khan on 2018-Nov-29 under Blog, News & Updates, Product Releases & Updates

To salespeople, vendors, and other people trying to sell products and services, “Constituent Engagement Platform” still stands for “Customer Relationship…

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Constituent Communications Tech Helps Build Smart Participatory Democracy

by Zain Khan on 2018-Oct-25 under Blog, News & Updates

The Brazilian activist and playwright Augusto Boal once said: “I believe in democracy, but in real democracy, not a phony…

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GovTech Disruption at ICMA

by Zain Khan on 2018-Oct-01 under Events, News & Updates

Thousands of local government professionals gathered in Baltimore for the 104th ICMA conference in September were among the first to…

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