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Government Web site with a citizen-centric approach

by Samuel Santeliz on 2021-May-17 under Blog, News & Updates

Christopher Brook, a US ARMY veteran, has over ten years of experience in digital design and development of projects in…

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CRM for government

Three changes that will make a big difference for your citizens

by Samuel Santeliz on 2021-May-14 under Blog, News & Updates

The world has changed, and government needs to change with it.  Given the rapid adoption of digital technology by the…

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How can CRM Software for Local Government solve common challenges?

by Samuel Santeliz on 2021-Apr-10 under Blog, News & Updates

One of the main ideas to understand is how CRM software for local government differs from Gmail and Excel files? …

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How to Make Communication for Constituents Easy with Inbound Text

by Samuel Santeliz on 2020-Oct-13 under Blog, News & Updates, Product Releases & Updates

Communication with elected officials can be painful for constituents.  iConstituent has developed Smart Text Messaging to solve this problem with…

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Collaborations Update! 😀💬🙌

by Samuel Santeliz on 2020-Sep-11 under Blog, News & Updates, Product Releases & Updates

Remote work has become the norm for many of us. But that doesn’t mean that constituent communication has stopped. In…

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text messaging

East Palo Alto Relies on Text Messaging to Communicate COVID-19 Updates

by Christopher Brooks on 2020-Aug-26 under Blog, Product Releases & Updates

GovText helps communicate to diverse communities via text message During the COVID-19 outbreak, elected officials in East Palo Alto, CA,…

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How Innovation Can Improve Your Communication With Constituents During COVID-19 Pandemic

by Samuel Santeliz on 2020-Jul-21 under Blog, News & Updates, Product Releases & Updates

There is a lot of information being thrown around right now:  COVID-19 infection rates, testing, government shutdowns, business closures, schools…

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Data Services

Message from our CEO

by Zain Khan on 2020-Mar-20 under Blog, News & Updates, Product Releases & Updates

The evolving COVID-19 situation is an unprecedented time for everyone — a time that we know is filled with uncertainty.…

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Constituent Engagement Platform: Stakeholders Are More Than Customers

by Zain Khan on 2018-Nov-29 under Blog, News & Updates, Product Releases & Updates

To salespeople, vendors, and other people trying to sell products and services, “Constituent Engagement Platform” still stands for “Customer Relationship…

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The New iConstituent – Redesigning Constituent Engagement Platform from the Ground Up

by Zain Khan on 2018-Sep-05 under News & Updates, Product Releases & Updates

As we prepare for a new Congress, I’m on the road with the iConstituent sales team. And I’m so proud…

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Are You Following the Constituent Engagement Platform Trend?

by Zain Khan on 2018-Aug-30 under Events, News & Updates, Product Releases & Updates

As FedScoop recently reported, federal agencies this year made Customer Relationship Management a top spending priority, behind only security and…

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We upgraded our Constituent Engagement Platform features, interface, and doubled productivity!

by Zain Khan on 2016-Oct-26 under Blog, News & Updates, Product Releases & Updates

We just announced a major upgrade to our Constituent Engagement Platform product, based on research with government customers throughout the…

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Government Constituent Engagement Platform Provider iConstituent Announces Premium Email Newsletter Product

by Zain Khan on 2016-Oct-04 under News & Updates, Product Releases & Updates

iConstituent today announced its premium eNewsletter Plus product, with new features for social media analytics and tracking, and other extra…

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