Remote work has become the norm for many of us. But that doesn’t mean that constituent communication has stopped. In fact, we’ve seen a 72% increase in constituent communication since the beginning of the year.Β  While you may have to stay apart, we know you still need to work together to help constituents, so we have come up with some creative and practical solutions to help get it done!

Collaboration in 2020!


Out-of-the-box thinking has helped many of you embrace new tools likeΒ GovTextΒ to reach more constituents and make sure they have new ways to reach you. Effective communication doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Collaboration is a must, and GovText means that you can have one on one conversations with thousands of your constituents simultaneously.

We have also added real-time comments and the ability to mention coworkers.Β CommentsΒ allow you to communicate with your colleagues within the context of your constituent messages to answer questions, prioritize, and escalate concerns.

In addition, we want to enhance clear, concise communications between co-workers. To facilitate that we have added emojis to all of our communication platforms! πŸŽ†Β  A picture’s worth a thousand words,Β  and emojis can allow for more positive and effective communication πŸ’―πŸ˜‰ You can now choose from hundreds of emojis to expedite or enhance your internal conversations.



Feel free to discuss these features with any of our Customer Success Staff by emailing Β 

Knowledge is power:


The new report entitled “What are people writing in about?” offers a few options for answering important questions about constituent communication:

  • Donut chart for comparing hot topics
  • Map to see where topics originate
  • Data table displaying all results in order of usage
  • Toggles to change which topics are visualized in the chart and map
  • Filters for common date ranges and staff
  • Options menu to export results in a CSV spreadsheet


Let us know what you think. We are always interested in hearing from you.

Discover all the benefits available for you and your office. We would love to provide a walk through for you or your staff.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Becky Baylor

Product Manager

Reach out and lets these features with any of our Customer Success Staff by

emailing Β 



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