With an election right around the corner, iConstituent looks forward to being your IT and Constituent Communications partners for both new and returning members, entrusted with the responsibility to help you get your office moving as quickly as possible. iConstituent is an organization made up of former congressional staffers that understand how to get things done on the hill.  A one-stop-shop, we will manage all of IT needs, desires, and concerns, to let you focus on your work while we seamlessly support you and your organization.

Regardless of your needs, we are here for you:

–Innovative iConstituent Engagement Platform – customized for your office’s needs

Correspondence management – Casework management – Telephone and virtual town halls – Inbound texting – Broadcast text messaging – Team collaboration software – Approved by the US House and Senate (CSS/CMS).

–Web Design with the ability to get a dynamic, custom, mobile-friendly site up the fastest in Congress – all built on the secure Drupal cloud.

–Cradle to Grave IT support from a dedicated staffer who will manage your IT needs for DC and District.

You’ve got a district to serve, let us take care of the rest.

Powerful Tools for Constituent Communication

iConstituent’s Constituent Engagement Platform has the key features that you need for communication:

1.- Easy to use software that is focused on engaging with constituents. With an integrated voter file for your district at no extra cost, you have constituents contact information and capabilities such as auto-tagging non-constituents and email campaigns for automatic responses to help your staff focus on constituents with something unique to say without ignoring anyone.  Duplicate Response check ensures that every constituent receives a unique message, tailored to their concern.  Multiple channels of integrated communication (SMS, email, post) to give you the ability to deliver your message to a wider audience than ever before, personalized, targeted, and on-point.

2.- Constituent Insights.  It fills in your constituent database with interaction history that allows you to segment constituents by interest, geographic locations, or other information for enhanced intelligence.  This capability allows you to map and monitor constituent interactions based on key criteria to ensure that you can have a  laser focus on what issues to address and where implementation is the most impactful.

3.- Advance Team Collaboration. It has an All-in-one integrated platform for shared workspaces for your team, with the ability to share notes and comments with external collaborators for casework follow-up.  Responses are automatically organized to keep conversations clear and up to date.  Utilize in-app and email notifications while in the field, so that no matter where your constituents need you, you can connect.

iConstituent brings the whole package together with the latest communication tools, dedicated support, and cutting edge designs.  Rather than having to reiterate your vision, deal with multiple vendors, have unforeseen delays, and worry about feature gaps, iConstituent will take your vision and manage the entire design and implementation upon your behalf, providing turn-key service and user support.  One call does it all.

One Team – One Partner To Achieve Your Vision

iConstituent is focused on solving your communication issues and helping your office achieve its goals.  Congressional Offices’ needs are unique, and we understand that.  Each member is CEO of his/her district, representing hundreds of thousands or millions of people, and we provide the customization necessary for that Office to fulfill its goals in representing their constituents. iConstituent has developed tools to help member’s offices engage effectively with constituents

The Congressional Management Foundation recently documented the value of constituent engagement.  It found that even with a single online townhall, engagement boosted constituent trust in representatives to do the right thing “most of the time” from 34% to 52%.  There were similarly dramatic increases in those describing their representatives as accessible, fair, and compassionate.  These improvements in sentiment show the value and power of constituent engagement.  iConstituent is here to help you engage with your constituents in an effective and impactful way, using state of the art automation and communication tools that ensure that your message is heard and your constituents’ opinions are respected and received without bogging your office down.

This is an opportunity for your office to engage with constituents on adjacent topics to encourage early engagement, the content, and features that constituents are looking for on your official website.   iConstituent can look at previous website usage to show most and least visits, which show trends across congressional districts.  iConstituent can help set up text and email-based constituent Campaigns so your office can have immediate feedback as well as share historical data.

You’ve got a district to serve, let us take care of the rest. Please reach out and ask how iConstituent can help you meet your goals of improved relationships with constituents today!


Maria Ochoa, Investor Relations




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