iConstituent’s Constituent Engagement Platform delivers results  for City of Los Angeles’ Councilman Mike Bonin

Los Angeles City Councilman Mike Bonin chose iConstituent’s Constituent Engagement Platform during the COVID-19 pandemic as a tool to enhance communication with constituents.  Councilman Mike Bonin has a strong presence with constituents in his district.  He is known as an outgoing and diligent Councilman.  Given the challenges COVID-19 has created, Councilman Bonin turned to iConstituent to help him maintain active and accessible communication with the citizens of the sprawling Los Angeles 11th district. 

Earlier in the year, the Los Angeles City Council decided to introduce iConstituent’s GovText with much success.  In Los Angeles especially, GovText has proven itself, significantly improving constituent engagement, allowing one-on-one engagement despite all the challenges due to offices working at home. Building on his experience of GovText, Councilman Bonin asked iConstituent to provide additional tools to further his engagement with constituents.   

The Constituent Engagement Platform helps Councilman Bonin to address his constituencies’ most pressing issues using its auto-tagging and response features.  It allows his office staff to work and respond effectively, despite social distancing and nontraditional work environments. It provides him insights into constituent’s interests and issues in a holistic manner to help him keep on top of the most pressing issues affecting his district during the pandemic. 

Founded in 2002, iConstituent’s portfolio was developed to help local, state, and federal offices deepen their engagement with constituents. In response to the pandemic, iConstituent has introduced new and dynamic tools that are successfully used on a daily basis by Federal, State, and local governments to map out issues, identify key concerns, and prioritize their resolution.


Maria Ochoa, Investor Relations


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