GovText helps communicate to diverse communities via text message

During the COVID-19 outbreak, elected officials in East Palo Alto, CA, needed a way to quickly and reliably communicate Coronavirus safety measures, update residents on the virus’ spread, and provide information about reopening facilities and services. However, with nearly three out of four residents speaking a language other than English at home, and in-person gatherings out of the question, the city turned to iConstituent for their text messaging capabilities.

iConstituent’s GovText platform was the perfect tool to provide seamless 2-way text messaging communication to the constituents in East Palo Alto. Elected officials were able to send critical notices to anyone with a cell phone, with the key benefit of receiving, sorting, and replying to citizens via GovText’s easy-to-use dashboard. Before GovText, no other provider offered this cutting-edge feature.

GovText’s platform also granted a method to pinpoint communication to at-risk populations such as seniors, and especially the city’s homeless, who are particularly vulnerable. The tool has been vital for simplifying case management and allowing for critical alerts to be quickly broadcast to the affected groups.

“Elected officials need a rapid way to engage with their constituents, and GovText offers a way to communicate both quickly and effectively,” said iConstituent’s VP of Sales and Product Strategy, Michael Cohen. “GovText allows everyone with a cell phone to communicate, one-on-one, with their government, sharing critical information, and keeping people engaged.”

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