WASHINGTON, DC, (Sep. 16, 2014) –  iConstituent announced today that current Director of Customer Support Operations, Greg Fickel, has been appointed Chief Operating Officer, a new position within iConstituent. Greg previously managed iConstituent’s support services and will report to Zain Khan, CEO of iConstituent.

“Greg Fickel brings years of experience working as a vendor to the Members of Congress to the table. His ability to work with House and Senate administration, Members, and our staff is second to none,” said Zain Khan, CEO of iConstituent. “I can think of nobody better than Greg Fickel to run iConstituent’s day-to-day operations, oversee our hardworking staff, and help iConstituent grow to its next level.”

Effective immediately, Greg will assume responsibility for and oversee development, operations, and support services within the organization. Greg will be responsible for management of iConstituent’s business in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.

“I am both honored and humbled by the opportunity presented to me. iConstituent is uniquely positioned for growth in the coming months and into the future,” says Greg. “I am excited to work with all of the bright, talented, and motivated people within our organization to ensure we live up to ours, our clients’, and our contracting partners’ high standards.”

After earning his MCSE, Greg joined InterAmerica Technologies in 2000 as a Systems Integration Specialist supporting 12 U.S. House of Representatives offices. In 2003, Greg was promoted to Systems Integration Coordinator elevating support management to 52 House offices. In this capacity, Greg managed the migration of the Capitol Correspond clients to the House hosted version of Capitol Correspond 6. Moving to iConstituent, Greg became the U.S. House Customer Support Manager, supervising the support of over 250 House offices utilizing a range of products, including the Constituent Gateway and Capitol Correspond. Greg next moved into the Implementation Manager Position overseeing a dynamic team of Implementation Consultants ushering clients through the migration to the Gateway CRM.

In 2012, Mr. Fickel was the driving force behind iConstituent’s achieving CMMI Level 2 certification, and building sustainable processes to streamline operations. As the Director of Customer Support Operations, Greg oversaw iConstituent's Customer Service Center, monitoring for excellent service and quality assurance.

For more information about Greg Fickel, contact Christopher Brooks or visit https://iconstituent.com.  

ICONSTITUENT® is a privately held corporation founded in 2002 and headquartered in Washington D.C. iConstituent’s mission is to foster communication between government and constituents through new channels and thereby transforming government-to-constituent communications and citizen engagement.  


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