CapCorr 8 (CC8) Inbound Mail Processing Features allows your office to handle more mail, faster.  Here are six features you should know:

  • Identify Topic Based Content –  Use keyword rules to automatically find the topic of each communication from the language of the email.
  • Duplicate Email Detection – Detect if the a new email message is a duplicate – in content – with an email that was previously received (e.g., from Advocacy Group Email Campaigns) and display them for easy management.
  • Organized Inbox –  Sort and group incoming email based on customer-configurable conditions (e.g., if the message contains certain words, if it is overdue, and more).
  • Controlled Inbox – Maintain a “self-cleaning database”, where each new email that is received will be checked against the constituents that have already written and automatically consolidated.
  • Auto Reply – Send an automatic email reply to each constituent when their email is received (such as a “Thank you for  writing me” email with note of a more detailed, personalized, follow-up to come later).
  • Noise Filter – Create a communication policy with flexible settings for accepting or excluding constituent and non-constituent mail by District(s), Zipcode(s), State(s), and more.

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