Cloud-based software platform fills a communications gap.

Like every other state in the union, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a need for real-time constituent communication in Illinois. With communities ranging from large metropolitan cities like Chicago to small rural towns like Addieville, the State of Illinois turned to our GovText™ text messaging platform as a part of their comprehensive Coronavirus response.

GovText provides an excellent solution to a complex problem; it provides a rapidly deployable communications tool with threaded text messaging capability. GovText allows Illinois state officials to communicate with constituents—updating them with health and safety information, spread updates, as well as re-opening phases and timelines. Our platform provides seamless two-way, real-time communication between elected officials and citizens via text message. Considering that more than 86% of the population of Illinois owns a cellphone, GovText presents a reliable system for real-time message delivery and, most importantly, instantaneous responses to constituent questions and concerns.

GovText is a cutting-edge technology that isn’t offered by our competitors. In addition to the 2-way mobile communication via text messages, the tool has an easy-to-use dashboard that allows staff members and caseworkers to create and send messages with ease. The platform enables officials to quickly pinpoint at-risk populations—such as seniors—and transmit essential information into the palm of their hands. For staffers, our tool has been integral for simplifying case management and for texting critical alerts.

“Elected officials need a rapid way to engage with their constituents, and GovText offers a way to communicate both quickly and effectively,” says iConstituent’s VP of Sales and Product Strategy, Michael Cohen. “GovText allows everyone with a cell phone to communicate one-on-one with their government, sharing critical information, and keeping people engaged.”

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