How can you avoid wasting time recreating messages over and over again?  How can you ensure that constituents don’t get the same form letter response?  How can you identify your constituents in a flood of form letter emails and office calls?  iConstituent’s unique Constituent Engagement Platform has the tools to automate and streamline Constituent Communication so that you can enhance your citizen’s satisfaction while having more time to spend on solving issues.

Create a database of approved responses

Our Constituent Engagement Platform allows you to develop a set of approved responses to critical issues that can then be used with rapid customization to communicate with your constituents.  With duplicate response checks, your office can ensure that constituents NEVER receive the same response twice.

Filter out form letter submissions

The Constituent Engagement Platform uses state of the art technology to identify form letter submissions, allowing you to bundle the communications for opinion rates.  IConstituent’s 200 million+ constituent database can further filter out your constituent’s opinions from the rest, for more targeted engagement and positive sentiment improvements with your office.  

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Auto-tagging and scripted responses

The Constituent Engagement Platform uses the extensive knowledge of the iConstituent team in government to categorize and tag incoming emails so that their topics are identified for a scripted response.  Using the approved message list, the Constituent Engagement Platform can address 80% of constituent text and email communications with personalized messages that are pertinent to the specific topic of the incoming correspondence without further intervention.  This allows staff more time to interact with those constituents that will benefit and provide value to the office through improved outcomes for citizens.

Open a direct line to your constituents

iConstituent’s Govtext™  feature provides a direct link to your constituents.  You can use it to broadcast critical messages and receive responses.  Auto-tagging and area code insertion adds to the reach of your audience ensuring that your message gets out.  As a bonus, constituents can respond and receive a custom or scripted response, focused on the topic of discussion in one-to-one engagement.  A direct line to your constituents raises their satisfaction with your office and ensures that you are aware of the issues of concern for your constituents.

Engage constituents to build positive outcomes

Build a holistic picture of your constituents with the Constituent Engagement Platform. allows you to tie all the communications received together and dynamically map groups of constituents by interests, engagements, or concerns.  With the dynamic map monitoring constituent interactions based on locations and demographics, your office can build targeted solutions to constituents’ problems and ensure that they are put into action where they are most impactful.  


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Maria Ochoa

PR Consultant


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