Cloud-based Constituent Communication software reaches across the island for citizen engagement

iConstituent’s platform is being used by the City of Honolulu as the future of constituent engagement.  As a crossroads both logistically and culturally, Hawaii is home to a very diverse population, who speak a multitude of languages, physically separated on islands.  Engaging with that diverse population brings its own challenges of language, logistics, and infrastructure and resource requirements.  

The City and County of Honolulu, home to 1.2 million people constitutes 68.8% of the state population.  As a way to combat the coronavirus, the government of Hawaii severely limited inter-island travel.  This physical distancing has made it tougher for Hawaiians and their government to engage with each other.  iConstituent’s constituent communication software helps bridge that gap, with machine learning and smart tagging to ensure that the most important tasks can be addressed quickly and easily.  Powerful analytics are used to help provide insight into constituent’s needs leading to more effective engagement.

While COVID-19 brought the trend of one-on-one engagement via electronic communication to the forefront, this was only the latest progression of a larger communication shift.  This communication trend is continuing to accelerate.  Constituents expect that officials continue to engage on a daily basis via electronic platforms, such as iConstituent’s engagement platform.

“The City of Honolulu has unique challenges to overcome engaging with their constituents.  iConstituent’s platform gives elected officials a way to quickly and effectively engage with their constituents.  By using a platform where each communication helps develop the big picture, officials can enhance their engagement despite social distancing.” Said iConstituent’s VP of Sales, Michael Cohen.

iConstituent is providing Government officials with a critical tool to rapidly connect, engage, and respond to citizens.  Given the diverse urban and rural population of Hawaii, the constituent communication software is ideal for providing pin-point communication with at-risk populations, simplifying case management, and allowing for critical alerts to be quickly broadcast to the affected population.     

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Maria Ochoa, Investor Relations

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