There is a lot of information being thrown around right now:  COVID-19 infection rates, testing, government shutdowns, business closures, schools reopening, all sorts of things. The information superhighway has fragmented into multiple channels, with influencers, news sites, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and many other vectors for incorrect information. How can your communication with constituents deliver the vital information they need, while giving you the engagement that you need?

Get Innovative… While COVID-19 brought the trend of electronic communication to the forefront, this was only the latest progression of a larger communication shift. Over the past 50 years, there has been a systemic shift in how we communicate. Similar to how the telephone displaced the telegraph, electronic communication is the fastest, least expensive, most effective method to communicate with constituents. 81% of adults in the US use smartphones and go online daily (Pew Research 2019). By implementing programs that focus on engaging constituents directly, public and social sector leaders increase their impact and effectiveness in the community.

Increase your audience reach

iConstituent’s Govtext™ allows you to broadcast information about Covid-19 testing sites, closures, and other critical information using an interface as simple as any messaging app. Automatic Tagging and area code insertion allows for the widest possible audience for your communications, without complicating the message. Research from Frost & Sullivan estimates that text open rates exceed 90%, far outpacing email, allowing you to ensure that your message will be read by your audience.

Provide constituents seamless access to their government

iConstituent’s Govtext™ allows each of your constituents the ability to link to your office 24/7. Your office can use custom and scripted responses to engage efficiently with citizens using personalized messages that are pertinent to the specific topic of conversation. Additionally, you can direct the conversation to your team for one on one engagement. Open access and direct engagement increase constituent satisfaction with your office while allowing you to deliver needed services faster and more efficiently.

Learn more about GovText here

Provide constituents readily available and accurate information

You can best help constituents by providing accurate, readily available, information about issues critical to them. Using the innovative Constituent Engagement Platform to build a custom library of approved messages allows your office to provide quick and consistent responses. A Duplicate response check ensures that constituents never receive the same message twice, and helps identify constituents who need one on one engagement.

Engage constituents to build positive outcomes

The Constituent Engagement Platform allows you to tie all the communications received together and dynamically map groups of constituents by interests, engagements, or concerns. With the dynamic map monitoring constituent interactions based on locations and demographics, your office can build targeted solutions to constituents’ problems and ensure that they are put into action where they are most impactful.

Humanize Constituent Services

Go into the field with confidence. The Constituent Engagement Platform keeps you in the loop with co-workers and external teams using iConstituent’s app. Realtime updates pull you into the conversations on issues critical to you while allowing you to facilitate efficient teamwork focused on serving and engaging your constituents at all levels.

Crises have a silver-lining. It is an opportunity to try new things, get closer to constituents, and build trust and support from the community. Get in touch and learn how iConstituent can help your office stay connected and develop positive relationships with your constituents during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Maria Ochoa
PR Consultant

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