our_team_jeffgreenWe today announced Jeff Green as Chief Technology Officer.  

Green is a founding member of iConstituent and lives in Venice, CA.

According to Zain Khan, this fall, “Jeff led a listening tour where he really stripped down our product and learned what our customers needed to better connect people and government,”. “Jeff as CTO means that we will continue to lead through technical innovation utilizing intuitive software to increase government efficiency and effectiveness. Our customers save hundreds of hours a year on casework and correspondence.”

Before joining iConstituent, Green was an e-commerce and online music pioneer, working on some of the first artists’ websites, including a web store for the band Bad Religion.

Green said he chose a path in internet technologies because they level the playing field and allow you to create something unique for the world. He brings that same drive to his technology leadership at iConstituent. “There is no turning back, this is your family, the product your baby. That’s always been my mentality,” Green said. “You get an idea and you have to follow your idea.”

Green has led technology evolution at iConstituent from its roots as an email newsletter software, through development of a core CRM solution for government officials and agencies.

We were the first company to provide email newsletters to legislators on Capitol Hill and our integrated solutions include websites, constituent contact data services, telephone town halls, and hardware concierge services for Congressional offices.

We recently announced new Email Threading features for our flagship CRM product, as well as social media analytics features with our eNewsletter Plus pro.

With Jeff’s steady leadership we’re more prepared than ever to partner with thousands of state, local, and federal government clientele to help them save thousands of dollars, and modernize their communications technologies  and connect with an always-online public.

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