ServicesIf you happen to be a Caseworker or an individual that primarily works with Tour and Flag Requests in iConstituent’s CRM, then boy do we have a treat for you this week! As part of iConstituent’s continuous effort to bring the user the best experience possible, we are happy to announce a dedicated Services Inbox.

What does this mean for you?

Our developers have listened to your feedback about messages sent to your services email address. Previously, these messages went to the Mail module with an interest code of “Unassociated_CW_Mail” along with legislative correspondence that someone would then need to sort through. With the new update, these messages will now automatically be sorted out of Mail and directed to Services for you!

How can this update save me clicks?

Time is extremely valuable, especially for our dedicated caseworkers. With the Services Inbox however, your day just got tremendously easier!

This new feature will:

  • Capture all unassociated casework mail and bypass the Mail module completely.
  • Allow users to quickly convert messages into new or existing service records.
  • Allow users to send messages unrelated to Service to the Mail module.

Check out our Help Center Article that will give you the complete breakdown and some nifty screenshots of what to expect from the update!

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