Michael Cohen, iConstituent VP, speaks about constituent engagement with Hill staffers. 

Michael Cohen, a former congressional staffer, has experienced the struggles in communicating and supporting constituents.  He understands how challenging it is for small congressional offices to respond to the needs and communications of over 700 thousand constituents per office with the tools and limited resources available. Yet, he has identified some key areas for improving communications with constituents despite these challenges. 

Historically, constituents have experienced difficulties when trying to contact their local elected officials.  One of the current challenges is web forms, a 20-year-old technology that treats communications from constituents like service tickets.  Constituents often feel disengaged due to the slow and impersonal response time.  iConstituent has developed the next generation of constituent engagement software to help resolve this issue.  

These tools use AI technology to save time so that responses to constituents can be timely and relevant.  For example, the Constituent Engagement Platform sorts through and detects auto-filled and non-constituent emails so that staff can respond with just a few clicks. Staffers can better utilize their time responding to those who engage with clear input into policymaking.  

SMS messaging has proven to be a “game-changer” tool in the case of easing constituent communication.  GovText can be used with inbound phone numbers so that constituents can text their congressional office instantly; their communication is tied to their constituent database for appropriate response and documentation.  Similarly, leveraging a 200M+ cell phone database, offices can increase outreach with minimal staff support.  For example, one office has messaged 500,000 constituents, utilizing scripted responses, with only two staff members to manage unique messaging.  GovText is an efficient way to create thousands of one-on-one conversations without requiring dozens of staff members.

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