As we prepare for a new Congress, I’m on the road with the iConstituent sales team. And I’m so proud that what we’re sharing with incumbents and potential new members is an entirely new iConstituent product.

While constituent relationship management software, or “CRM,” first became popular amongst sales teams in the 1990s, nowhere does this productivity investment have more potential than for government constituent service. That’s why our company, which in 2003 brought the first e-newsletter tool to Congress, has pursued perfection at the platform level – we want to revolutionize the primary tools that public officials and their staff members use to serve the public.

Two years ago, we began examining how to revolutionize the customer experience for our flagship constituent relationship management product. We went to work growing our engineering and design capacity. We talked to scores of government CRM users and took careful notes. You told us what you want, and we built it.

Congress and government software users across the country no longer have to suffer without a CRM that truly reflects your needs. The new iConstituent is lightning fast, modern software that’s delightful to use and saves users hours each day.

We focused on transparency across data in the platform – starting with a visually stunning dashboard filled with immediately actionable insights. Every item on the screen serves a purpose and guides the user through your tasks. And, we’ve opened visibility into the constituency and the office’s workflow to increase collaboration and effectiveness.

I’m really pleased with the new iConstituent CRM, and I know you’ll be impressed, too. For our current customers, we’ll be rolling out the switch to the new iC2 throughout the fall. All incoming freshmen will start on the new platform. If you’d like a demo, just email  

Zain Khan
CEO, iConstituent

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