Social Media and politics are inextricably linked. It makes sense — especially in election season. Social media offers the ability to quickly disseminate information, organize individuals and groups, and ultimately shape elections and perceptions.

What do social media users think about politics these days? The folks at Lab42 decided to find out. They polled 500 Americans, and found some interesting results. For example, 51% of respondents had posted something political on their Facebook page, while 59% said they would support an Independent or third party candidate for president. Some more food for thought:

Social media users who follow politics:

  • Local 18%
  • National 33%
  • Both 49%



Have changed opinion of a friend based on a political comment they posted on Facebook or Twitter

  • Yes 36%
  • No 64%

Top political issues

  • Healthcare 18%
  • Federal Budget 14%
  • Taxes 12%

We want to know: What’s the political pulse of your social-media using friends and colleagues these days?

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