During the past few decades, there has been a foundational switch in ease of communication through electronic methods.  This has led to unprecedented flooding of emails, calls and social media messages from constituents on the issues most critical to them.  In response, local government offices need to change the paradigm of communication to respond effectively.  Here are the 5 best tips for turning around the blizzard and Transforming your engagement with iConstituent’s GovText™:

Create two-way communication

iConstituent’s Govtext™ is a new communication platform that allows you to send out critical messages quickly while providing a direct link to your office for each of your constituents.  Engage in a one-on-one conversation, providing needed services, and winning trust for your office in this critical time.  iConstituent’s tool uses a simple interface, similar to messaging apps, for broadcast messaging.  The innovation is in its ability to pull in direct one-on-one communications that can be directed to staff for real-time engagement.  Use it in conjunction with online town halls to create channels that enrich the conversation without disrupting the focus of the group.

Ensure that your message connects

According to Frost and Sullivan, over 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt, compared to 28% of email. GovText™ improves your outreach by making contact with people that otherwise will miss your message. Data also shows that if you add links in your text constituents will use that (19% click through vs 2% in email) to open webpages that enhance the messaging for those who want to learn more.   SMS outreach provides a reliable way to keep your constituents engaged and informed.

Leverage iConstituent’s data to create pinpoint messaging

GovText combines broadcast text messaging with our database of over 200 million constituents to create a hyper-secure web-based utility.  Knowing that outreach is impossible without appropriate data, iConsitituent offers this comprehensive database at no additional cost for users.  It allows you to select and reach audiences that you never could before, quadrupling (or more) your recipients.  Leverage knowledge of constituents’ locations, interest, interactions, and more to develop and deliver on-target messaging appropriate to their interests and concerns.

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More than just send messages

GovText™  unlocks a powerhouse of capabilities.  Our clients use it to:

  1. Send invites to virtual or in-person events
  2. Survey constituents for feedback on specific issues
  3. Drive visits to a website or social channel
  4. Announce new constituent services
  5. Share community updates on Covid-19 related regulations
  6. Solicit opportunities to provide critical assistance

By providing a two-way channel of communication, GovText™ can create engagement with constituents in a way no other communication channel can.

Connect more for far less

GovText™ messages are very economical.  Developing a letter campaign, purchasing mailing lists, printing flyers, and mailing cost, can easily cost over $0.80 per recipient for bulk mailing.  Alternatively, GovText™ messages can be 20x less expensive, which allows you to increase your outreach at a fraction of the cost.  Spend less, and communicate far more effectively, enhancing your engagement with your constituents.


iConsituent’s GovText™ has the ability to transform your Constituent Communication in 2020.  It will allow you to engage your constituents in one-on-one communication in an economical and impactful way. iConstituent’s constituent database allows you to build messaging that is on target to your constituents’ needs and interests while increasing your audience reach like never before.  GovText™ will put your office in the driver’s seat, ensuring that you build positive relationships with your constituents which will deliver benefits for decades to come. 


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Maria Ochoa

PR Consultant


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