State and local governments are where information technology innovation happens – often long before trends filter up to the process-driven federal government. Whether due to an innovation-friendly local administration or the pressures of balancing the budget, you’re finding new ways to do government better.

That’s why we’re taking the opportunity of the NCSL 2018 Legislative Summit to unveil iC2, our totally reinvented flagship CRM product. This isn’t a sales CRM doctored up for constituent use, it’s software built from the ground up based upon government user feedback – for users, by users. With more than 15 years experience building software for thousands of government customers, we’re familiar with your challenges. But we also wanted to offer our clients something just as beautiful and user-friendly as the software we use every day at home!

We built our suite of cloud solutions for elected officials and government agencies with a single focus: helping you proactively communicate with your constituents while gaining a whole new level of insight into how you can best serve them.

And this new product improves upon previous deployments for state and local legislators and departments across the country. It’s integrated with our e-newsletter, data, and telephone town hall solutions, and can be configured custom for your office.

I hope to see you at the legislative summit!

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