Welcome to 2021 and the 117th Congress!

We look forward to working with new and returning members of Congress. There’s challenging work ahead, and we’re here to provide the support and services you need to start working for your constituents on day one.

-Zain Khan, CEO iConstituent


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Manage constituent engagement and expand your reach the modern way with iConstituent CMS

The iConstituent CMS allows Capitol Hill offices to transform constituent communication into 1:1 personalized engagement – building stronger relationships and increasing your overall reach.

​​Our single platform allows you to easily connect with your constituency, collaborate on casework, and manage all internal and external communications.

Here’s a list of features you’ll only find with iConstituent:

​​Fast and Simple

Built from the ground up, our messaging app platform is incredibly fast and user-friendly.

Instant Setup.
Zero Learning Curve.

​​Our tools and features perform the sophisticated tasks you need, while still being easy-to-use.

​​Advanced Team.

Use in-app and email notifications, internal/external comments, and shared templates to collaborate seamlessly on everything from quick communications to complex casework.


Our automatic tagging feature allows you to quickly sort through large volumes of incoming requests, concerns, and emails, while ensuring messages receive responses in a timely manner and those sent from non-constituents are identified.

and Analytics.

Get clear insights and make data-driven decisions. Quickly review KPIs while monitoring constituent trends and staff productivity with powerful dashboard and reporting tools.

Constituent Insights.

​​Our dynamic activity capture feature allows you to identify and select groups of constituents you want to monitor based on their interests, engagements, and/or concerns.

Let constituents text you.

Fast communication with constituents via Inbound SMS Texting with Smart Text

Create a direct line of communication between your office and your constituents with a dedicated local number for them to text. Our secure threaded messaging platform allows you to leverage all of the benefits of Smart Messaging when handling inquiries and responding.  Check out our explainer video.

Personalized Government-to-Citizen Engagement with GovText™

  • GovText is the most comprehensive text message system built specifically for elected officials. Trusted by Federal, State, and Local officials to communicate with over 5+ Million constituents – anytime, anywhere.
  • GovText combines broadcast text messaging with our database of over 200+ Million constituents’ mobile phones to create a hyper-secure web-based utility.

iConstituent IT Hardware Support

Save money and time by adding our award-winning hardware services as well. You will serve hundreds of thousands of constituents – the last thing you need to worry about is which vendor to call when you need to add a new staffer, update your software, or install new hardware.

Industry-leading Systems Administration

  • Enjoy peace of mind with our flexible service model, complete with dedicated agents to meet all your hardware and software support needs. We take it upon ourselves to order, install, and maintain your new equipment.
  • All maintenance plans include unlimited access to our help desk via phone and email, with a dedicated tech assigned to your office.

You’ve got a district to serve, let us take care of the rest.

iConstituent Web Publishing & Custom Design Services

Launching and maintaining websites can be a full-time job, but it doesn’t have to be that way. iConstituent’s custom websites launch fast with all the customizations you need.

We have a dedicated and accomplished staff waiting to solve even your most complex web design and graphical design needs. Our team will work 1-on-1 with you to craft a beautiful website you and your constituents can be proud of.”

Choose the plan that’s right for you:

Choose the plan that’s right for you:

CMS + eNewsletter


With $4,500 in added values at no cost:

Enhanced Voter File and Custom Data Consulting ($3,000 value)

10,000 Constituent Emails ($1,000 value)

5,000 GovText SMS Outreach Credits ($500 value)

Unique features you won’t find anywhere else:

MapBox Integration for Mapping Analytics

SmartyStreets Integration for Real-Time Constituent Verification

Team collaboration with real-time comments

CMS + eNewsletter + Website


All of the unique CMS features and added values from the CMS + eNews package, plus a:

Telephone Town Hall Event – Reach 20,000 Constituents ($2,500 value)

Total of over $7,000 in savings!

Mobile-Friendly Modern Website Design and Hosting Included

CMS + eNewsletter + Website + Hardware and IT Support

$3395 $2895

All of the unique CMS features and added values from the CMS + eNews package, plus a:

Pick up a dedicated IT staffer for your DC and District office with 99.9% satisfaction rating

Receive $500/month ongoing discount ($6,000 in savings each year)

Over $13,000 in savings!

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