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Email Bundling & Auto-Tagging

Automatically categorize and tag all incoming communication. iConstituent’s text analysis AI can quickly filter and organize large volumes of inbound emails based on keywords and messaging. Quickly identify constituent trends and concerns before building targeted templates for scalable responses.

Personalized Two-Way Text Engagements

GovText lets you hear from your constituents via text in real-time. Ask questions, send links and set auto-response scripts. Review replies and provide custom follow-ups when intervention is needed.

Custom Templates

Build a library of approved messages to provide quick and consistent responses on critical issues. View useful metrics like open and reply rate to learn which types of emails work best. With custom-designed headers, placeholders and merge fields you can personalize emails in seconds to quickly send the perfect message to each constituent.

Duplicate Response Check

With duplicate response checks, you never have to worry about sending the same message twice. List filters will quickly identify constituents who have already received a template response and allow you to edit and customize specific those engagements.

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