Across the United States, GovText is being utilized to create personalized and meaningful two-way engagements between elected officials and their constituents. Using GovText you can easily engage and inform your citizens in real time.

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Personalized Government to Citizen Engagement

  • GovText is the government text message system which connects you with your constituents anytime, anywhere. Text alerts are the fastest, most reliable way to keep voters engaged and informed.
  • GovText combines broadcast text messaging with our database of over 200M+ constituents mobile phones to create a hyper-secure web-based utility.
  • SMS messages have a 93% open rate and, on average, are read within 90 seconds of arrival.

Trusted by the nation’s leading government offices:


Auto-Tagging & Responses

Replies from constituents are automatically filtered and tagged, allowing you to send automated responses and organize constituent profiles based on their interests or concerns.


GovText lets constituents respond to your texts in real-time. Review replies and provide custom responses to create dynamic two-way engagements

200M+ Mobile Phones

Leverage iConstituent’s database of over 200 million mobile phone numbers to easily find and connect with your voters.

Ease of Use
& Setup

Our platform is designed to be easy to use in every way. Setup is a breeze with unlimited admin training at your disposal.


Measure and track the performance of each engagement and campaign. Optimize your outreach strategies and quickly determine the success of those endeavors.

Customer Support

You’ll have an experienced and knowledgeable support team by your side for unlimited live support. Our dedicated staff is always available to discuss concerns and provide solutions.

The benefits of GovTextTM
are straightforward:


read rate within the first five minutes of delivery.


Send in seconds to tens of thousands of constituents.


10x less than direct mail and 25x less than a telephone town hall – GovText is an economical way to communicate your message with thousands of constituents.

Secure, reliable messaging partner

As a national leader in secure communications for over 18 years, we have deep industry experience working with government at all levels.

Personalized engagement specialists

Be agile with the support of specialists who can partner with your team to help send hyper-personalized information, educational campaigns, and safety communications when key feedback is needed.

Connected with your ecosystem

Integrate SMS alerts within your existing technology stack. By sending automated text messages you’ll reduce administration costs while improving the quality and efficiency of service across departments.

Ways our Clients Use GovTextTM

Share community updates on COVID-19 related regulations
Solicit opportunities to provide critical assistance
Drive visits to a website or social channel
Announce new constituent services
Send invites to virtual or in-person events
Survey constituents for feedback on specific issues

Success Stories

Learn how GovText, is being used by government offices and organizations in critical and non-critical communication applications.

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Choose the plan that’s right for you

Choose the plan that’s right for you



Pilot the GovText platform with 5,000 texts at no cost

Includes access to our constituent dataset for your district



50,000 texts 

Dataset for your district

Free inbound replies & followups

Unlimited training & support

Dedicated implementation specialist



Starter plan features plus

100,000 texts 



Growth plan features plus

500,000 texts



Professional plan features plus

1 Million texts 

Custom Plans

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