Government Trusts iConstituent

With top-rated support and uptime, iConstituent’s communications solutions take the stress out of IT and constituent relationship management. Whether it’s e-newsletter delivery or customizable Constituent Engagement Platform, we can help.

We’ve worked with hundreds of government offices, from Congress to forward-thinking municipalities large and small. Taking a new approach to official software requires fresh thinking and a reliable partner – we’ll be with you every step of the way.

iConstituent solutions aren’t one-size-fits all. We take the time to understand an office’s specific needs and challenges and to tailor our offerings for the greatest efficiency. Change can be scary, but IT savings in time and money are long lasting.

iConstituent’s solutions aren’t just popular with managers – two-click email response templates, smart folders, and customizable workspaces mean smarter, faster workflows for the frontline workers answering constituent questions, managing legislation and getting new information to the public.

Today’s public is wired and mobile, and constituents expect government service that’s informed and responsive. iConstituent users have complete historical information on correspondence and casework close at hand.

Whether your constituent services team is three people or 300, we can help you provide great results at scale.

Contact us for a custom consultation on all of your conmmunications needs – we’ll help you craft a plan to improve contact rates and help you put it into action in days or even hours